2010 Blacked Out Powerwagon with 2015 4WC Silver Spur


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***UPDATE: Camper is SOLD but truck is still available for $29,750.

FOR SALE: 2010 RAM Power Wagon

Location: Dayton OH


Truck: 2010 Power Wagon with 56K miles. California Truck.
- AEV Raised Air Intake
- Warn winch
- diff locks, trailer brakes
- sway-bar disconnect
- Factory Alpine system with Nav
- remote start
- heated seats
- backup camera (currently disconnected as it's in the tail gate)
- factory 2.5" lift
- aftermarket wheels with Nitto Terra Grappler 305/70/17 E-rated 10-ply tires
- black marker lights
- Line-X'd bumpers and grill (UV protected)
- Line-X'd bed
- Firestone assist airbags with compressor and wireless remote
- removed gawdy Powerwagon stickers
- NOS Adventurer emblem from old Dodge Adventurer 400SE

Known Problems: The truck pulls mildly to the right. This is a common issue with these rigs when you install bigger tire/wheel combos. Carli sells a low-mount steering stabilizer that corrects this. You can get it on Amazon for $199 (just havent done it yet). http://www.amazon.com/Carli-Suspension-Dodge-Steering-Stabilizer/dp/B00R0MOWDW. This tire size does rub a little in the front at full lock. I have a 1" levelling kit in and I'll beinstallingit in the next few weeks. Just enough to clear the rub.

VERY reluctantly selling. We took delivery early fall and only had a chance to go out twice before I drove it cross-country for the move. This was my dream build and we were looking at getting stationed (Air Force) in Montana, Spokane or Wyoming (all big open land areas). My dream job popped up back in Dayton OH and I took it. This was the same time we found out we were having another little boy (due in June). So my chances of using this like I wanted to are pretty slim...at least for the next couple years.

NOTE: Pics at 4WC in Woodland were pre-bags so there was a little sag in the rear.

I prefer to sell as a combo and would honestly sell the truck seperately before the camper...but we'll see what happens.

Link to CL ad. https://limaohio.craigslist.org/cto/5624349285.html

- Ian


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Interior Pics


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I'll have to check with Dodge to see if it's been replaced. I can say it hasn't manifested any of the common issues I just read about. I'm not a Dodge guy (I've owned 14 Toyotas) so I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for the post. I'll look into it.

EDIT: It's probably worth mentioning that this truck has a transferable extended 100K MOPAR bumper-to-bumper warranty. :)
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Update, had (have) two interested parties but nobody has committed. I will still sell the combo for $60K or the camper for $25K, truck for $35K. If you already have a camper and are looking for a truck that's set up, that may be the way to go. Likewise, if you just need the camper...

Or if you look at your calendar and see that the summer is rapidly approaching (or in my case a new baby is rapidly approaching) and you want a turn key adventurer, pull the trigger on this bad boy.


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