2011 Ford F550 Crew Cab 4X4 Diesel (EarthRoamer Type Project) INDIANA


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Located in central Indiana

Yes, another "EarthRoamer" type project!! This sale is a culmination of the truck and a group of parts that I have gathered to closely duplicate the EarthRoamer chassis. My original plans were to complete the truck and then move on to the living portion of the build so only the truck and truck/chassis parts are included in this sale. Life plans have changed and I have concluded that I would prefer to sell project (luckily I am not in a position that I am forced to sell but would like for it to go to a good home so it would get the use it deserves).

I have tried to either duplicate or upgrade every truck/chassis feature that the EarthRoamer would offer in the 2011-16 model years.

A few examples of what I considered "upgrades" over the EarthRoamer:

1. EarthRoamer only offered a Lariat trim package (because that is all that Ford offered from the factory in the F550 chassis). I prefer the King Ranch spec so I spent some time trying to locate the exact interior that I deemed perfect for the build. (I realize that others might have varying opinions)

2. Tires are another example.....EarthRoamer offered the Continental tires and I believe that the Goodyear MSA G275 tires are a better option. The Goodyear's have a higher speed rating, a much longer life span, and are quieter! Much better option in my opinion!

3. The chassis itself. I decided to go with the shorter 176.2 WB chassis because I wanted something, in the end, that was going to be a little more nimble than the EarthRoamer but have all of the capacity ratings that the EarthRoamer has.....thought the shorter wheelbase would accomplish my end goals.

Where I came to the conclusion that EarthRoamer had the best available options on their rig I duplicated the components.

A few examples of what I believed needed to be duplicated from the EarthRoamer build:

1. The Kelderman air suspension fit all my needs and I believe that it is the best option for everything that I wanted out of an exploration vehicle so I purchased the parts to replicate exactly what they offered in their builds.

2. The Accuair air suspension controls that EarthRoamer offered are also top of the line IMO so again, purchased the system for this build.

I have been able to acquire what I would consider to be about 85-90% of the parts that I was after to complete the chassis build before life got in the way. There are a few items that will still need to be purchased if you truly duplicate the EarthRoamer type chassis but the majority of the components are in this sale if you are trying to recreate an EarthRoamer type build on somewhat of a budget!

Whats included:

• 2011 Ford F550
• 6.7L Turbo Diesel
• 4X4
• 176.2 Wheel Base
• 60" Cab to Axle
• Automatic Transmission
• In current XL trim package the truck has A/C (blows cold!!) and cruise control.
• Higher Mileage (241,798) but please read the following before making any judgments due to mileage:
-NEW Updated Late Model Turbo (Decided to upgrade to a later model turbo due to 2011 model year turbos have a notorious history of causing problems).
-NEW CP4 High Pressure Fuel Pump
-NEW Low Pressure Fuel Pump
-NEW OEM FORD Injectors
-New Fuel Rail
-NEW Fuel Pressure Regulator
-NEW Fuel Pressure Sensor
-NEW Rear OEM Fuel Tank
-NEW Fuel Filters Throughout
• NO LIMIT NLF-6.7LEGRD1114 EGR Delete Kit Installed (Factory OEM EGR that came off truck comes with sale if needed)
• Flo Pro SS877 Stainless Steel Exhaust System with 4" Muffler (OEM factory exhaust, minus tail pipe, comes with purchase if needed)
• EZlynk Tune Installed (Mildest tune available....still have access to file so can be changed if needed).

• Steel Knapheide Flat Bed with Headache Rack
• Hitch Installed
• 2 Undermount Lockable Tool Boxes (1 Drivers Side, 1 Passenger Side)
• 2 Top Mount Lockable Tool Boxes (These are both welded to the bed so if want to remove or relocate they will need to be cut off)

FUEL TANK: TransferFlow part number 080-01-15173 fuel tank. This is a 50 gallon midship auxiliary under chassis fuel tank (steel). This was custom made for this application and is new (never installed) with all the hardware and instructions included. Utilizing this, along with the new OEM tank currently on the truck, will give the truck a 90 gallon capacity.
INTERIOR: Complete 2011 King Ranch Interior (Includes absolutely everything except for the head liner). I spent some time and had to pass up several "good" deals to wait for a 2011 6.7L diesel truck donor so the swap would be seamless. I also had a hard time finding the darker King Ranch....so it was sort of a find of a life time for me....a lot of boxes to check and luckily I finally stumbled upon exactly what I was after...and it was complete! Some highlights include:
-Adjustable Pedals
-Heated & Cooled Front Seats
-Keyless Entry
-Complete Dash (still assembled as came out of donor truck)
-Rear Crew Cab Seats
-Front & Rear Door Panels
-Center Console
-Overhead Console
-Even has all the Hardware, Wiring Harnesses, Fuse Blocks, BCM, Rear View Mirror, Seat Belts, Etc....IT IS COMPLETE!!
DOORS: 4 Additional Doors (Drivers Front & Rear, Passengers Front & Rear) that came off truck that the interior came from. Has keyless entry on drivers door. There is nothing necessarily wrong with the doors that are currently on the truck but considering the interior donor truck was a keyless entry and power mirror truck, I wanted to purchase the doors to enable all of those options to properly work on the swap. Doors and steering wheel are all keyed the same (don't have key for new doors or steering wheel though)
TUNER MOUNT: Bully Dog part number 31303 MiniMax Pod Mount
TIRES: 3 Goodyear 335/80R20 MSA G275 Tires for Single Rear Wheel Conversion. One of the Tires is Brand New and the other 2 are what I would consider to be 85-90% tread life left.
TUNER: H&S part number 109003 Mini Maxx Tuner. Can be utilized for Cummins, Duramax, or Powerstroke Diesels. (Brand new never installed on any truck including this one. Decided to go with the EZlynk as mentioned above.)
REAR AIR SUSPENSION: Complete Kelderman Rear 4-link air suspension system. System was purchased used but has not been installed on this truck. It is the same system that is on their website for $4550.00. I have disassembled the suspension...I had/have plans on powder coating all components to make them appear like new or better than new. In doing this I have constructed a hardware list from Kelderman that I was going to purchase to make all look again as new. I have not purchased the hardware kit yet but it was quoted to me @ $231.00 I also planned on purchasing 4 new Firestone Air bags (along with a couple of spares to take on the road with me but have not made that purchase yet.
FRONT AIR SUSPENSION: F2FX-23-X-11 Kelderman 2011-2016 Ford Superduty Front Air Suspension Kit (Brand New) (Kit # 11152)
AIR SUSPENSION ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM: Accuair part number AA-ELS4-TPAD-BA. E Level Air Suspension Leveling Kit for Electronic Air Bag System (Same system that EarthRoamer used to control their truck suspension systems).
HEAD LIGHTS: BC3Z13008E 2011-2016 Ford F-Series Heads Lights (These are the clear lens version headlights)
MIRRORS: DC3Z-17683-MA Drivers Side Mirror 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty (These are the heated, power adjust, power telescoping, and power folding option mirrors)
MIRRORS: DC3Z-17682_FA Passenger Side Mirror 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty (These are the heated, power adjust, power telescoping, and power folding option mirrors)
BUMPER: REPPF010917 Superduty Front Bumper (Brand New Never Installed....bumper that is currently on the truck has several dents and dings in it)
FENDERS: STREET SCENE:950-72169 Street Scene fiberglass front fenders (Love the look of these fenders for the 41" tire conversion....think they are the best looking fenders on market for these trucks. They have the coverage needed for the tire but do not overwhelm the front of the truck!

• Hood has dent in it (pictured)
• Drivers door has small dent in it (a little hard to see on the white color)
• The truck bed has dent in the rear passenger side where it appears that at some point someone backed into something.
• Rip in the drivers seat that is currently in the truck. (No rips or tears in the King Ranch Seats supplied)
• Engine and truck run and drive flawlessly and have as much power as you will ever need for any set up in the future, but the engine does have some blow by and as a result does smoke.
• Every so often at initial take off the engine will have a small exhaust leak "whistle" (due to multilayer steel exhaust gasket). Does not happen very often but occasionally it will make a noise.

Have really enjoyed collecting parts and planning this project to this point and really am going to have a hard time letting it go but think it is for the best. I believe that this will be a great start for someone to continue on my vision and take full advantage of the truck and all the parts that will make it a great build!

At the moment I am only willing to sell as a package....I really do not want to part out.

$50,000 OBO for the Entire Package.


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Have been receiving some interest in individual parts sales only. I would consider this if I was to sell the truck first.....if anyone has interest in just the truck please let me know and we can discuss options.

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