2017 F-250 Overland/Hunt-Rig build


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Haha I've got a F-350 CCLB with front and rear bumpers. I've got about 3" of clearance in the front, 1" of clearance in the back (thank goodness for cameras when backing), and currently 1/4" of clearance up top. I can gain an additional 3 1/2" of clearance up top with some work though, which will barely squeeze in some 37s. If my truck didn't stay home all week I wouldn't give a damn about it being in the garage. I'm gone all week for work, and sometimes 2-3 weeks at a time. I like it being parked inside while I'm away.

Oh I agree, if mine could fit, it'd most certainly be in the garage.


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Any update on the lift install?

Yessir, I go the call today in fact, she'll be going in next week Tuesday for the lift/wheels/tires. Fox originally promised the new 2.5" coil-overs for these trucks back at the end of August and then that turned into mid September and then the 22nd of September for a ship date which came and went as well. Whatever, that's how these things go, better late than never. That said, they are on their way and my truck will be going under the knife soon enough.
She'll be getting a 4" lift kit with Fox 2.5" coil-overs, dual Fox 2.0 steering-stabilizer, Sulastic rear shackles, and Toyo RT 37x12.50R20's on bronze Raceline 934B Clutch 20x10's. I wasn't sure about the bronze wheels at first, I was hoping they wouldn't conflict with the caribou paint on the bottom of the truck, but it's close enough to not be too contrasting, so I think it'll work.

I still have to decide if I am going the camper shell route or a Leitner/Wilco style rack system to host my RTT for our adventures. My biggest fear with the camper is durability, everyone I know that has used one off-road extensively, ended up having failures at some point. I already have my bumper, lights, and winch of choice picked out and I had planned to add them at the same time, but Harvey set me back financially pretty good, so those accessories/upgrades will have to wait until next year. For now, a 2wd front bumper valence will have to do.

I added a Line-X spray-in bedliner few weeks back and I put tinted the windows and added Husky Xact fit floor liners (better product than the Weathertech's I used to run) immediately upon taking delivery. I'll be sure to post pics next week when I get her back home.
Sounds like its going turn out sweet. Big fan of the Raceline's too.... think those are going to look/function great. Keep us posted on the progress and PICS PICS PICS!


Nice boat but can't see it and trailer weighing anywhere close to 17,000 pounds. That's a crazy heavy boat.


I wonder if the off-road camper issues are more related to old chassis that flex a lot. This new superduty chassis will barely flex.



If you are concerned about the integrity of a shell and not concerned about weight then you may want to check out Caravan Camper Tops. Steel frame and steel cover. Solid construction made in Reno, NV. Very secure. I had one previously on my Dodge Cummins 2500. Go to: http://www.caravancamper.com/

From their Homepage:

An All-Purpose Truck Canopy | Built to Order

Built to order in two basic models...you can use this top for hunting, fishing, camping and prospecting trips. It is an ideal truck top for commerical use. Sealed weather-tight, it will protect the load you wish to carry in any kind of weather. Made with a rigid steel frame, covered with Paintlock steel, you can carry your load on top boats, luggage, pipe, lumber, etc*. No extra charge for installs at our plant.

Caravan Campers can be built for ANY size pickup!

Rigid steel frame-heavy angle and channel iron, continuous channel iron bracing
Covered with 24 gauge Paintlock Galvanized steel
* Will carry maximum weight on top (shell equipped with racks), up to 2000lbs spread evenly without injury to camper
Strong enough to handle mountain roads and Jeep trails
Doors are double wall steel with heavy duty hinges and lock hardware, vertically hinged eliminates reaching over and climbing over the tailgate
All sliding side and front windows are heavy framed Motor-Home quality available in tinted or clear tempered glass
Optional pressurizing air vent is water resistant and increases the inside air pressure which keeps DUST OUT!
No additional cost for installation at our plant.
All Caravan Tops are dust and water resistant. Where metal meets metal, we seal with heavy sponge rubber.

I'll be watching your build with interest. Waiting to see the 2018 model year F250 4x4 Powerstroke. After towing with the Adaptive cruise I am hoping that the aftermarket bumper issue will be solved because the adaptive cruise really works well towing long distances.



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Nice boat but can't see it and trailer weighing anywhere close to 17,000 pounds. That's a crazy heavy boat.

Well I hate to disappoint you, but the weight is accurate. The hull of the boat itself without any fluids, electronics, t-top, outboards, etc. is 11,300 lbs. It has a 418 gallon fuel tank at 6.3 lbs per gal of fuel that is another 2,633 lbs just in fuel. The outboards weigh another 668 lbs each without fluids or mounting hardware, thats another 2,000 lbs. So by the time you add 30 gallons of fresh water, the weight of the T-Top, the massive array of electronics, rigging, and other items, it's easily a 16,500 lb boat if not upwards of 17,000 lbs and lets not forget the 2,300 lb trailer she sits on. We had a 340 SeaVee with twin inboard diesels, a cuddy cabin, and a tuna tower and it outweighed this boat by another 1,500 lbs. Offshore boats weigh a ton, don't kid yourself.



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I went with the Snugtop Xtra vision and Rhino Rack pioneer platforms on top. Ive been happy with the Snugtop, but I will say that I haven't done any serious offroading with it. I think the biggest pro to the Snugtop is having everything in the back out of the weather. I honestly wish I had gone with the 4.5 Icon not the 7". Live and learn right. I'm looking forward to seeing how your truck turns out. Its cool seeing full size overland rigs and how they go about outfitting them. If you gave Instagram Ive got a page called Foxtrot_Sierra_Overland. Here are some pictures of mine.



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Looks great, how do you like the Tiregate? I'm about to pull the trigger on their Hitchgate Max.


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Thank you. It’s good for what it is designed to do and gives you a good place to have a matching spare. One of the things I don’t like about it is how far out the tire sits from the back of the truck. Also with all the weight it’s holding when you swing it out it leans to the side. I’d much rather replace my rear bumper with a swing away bumper. I like it, but for me it’s a temporary fix.

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