2017 F-250 Overland/Hunt-Rig build


Haven't been able to find a swing away I like. What I find appealing is being able to swap carrier to my land cruisers and camping trailer project when needed. Most of the guys I've spoken to about their swing away wish they didn't have to carry it around permanently.


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I went with the Snugtop Xtra vision and Rhino Rack pioneer platforms on top. Ive been happy with the Snugtop, but I will say that I haven't done any serious offloading with it. I think the biggest pro to the Snugtop is having everything in the back out of the weather. I honestly wish I had gone with the 4.5 Icon not the 7". Live and learn right. I'm looking forward to seeing how your truck turns out. Its cool seeing full size overland rigs and how they go about outfitting them. If you gave Instagram Ive got a page call Foxtrot_Sierra_Overland. Here are some pictures of mine.




I have been debating between the Xtravision and the SuperSport and I am currently leaning towards the SS for looks alone. The only thing that has me still debating the Xtravision is the fact that the majority of the window opens. I have a buddy that lived out of the back of a camper for a year and he swears by side windows that open simply for the ability to get a cross breeze. I know for sure that I want the fold in rear window with gas shocks and the rear glass that unlocks with my factory remote. Did you get the Sportsmans roof upgrade to strengthen the roof payload capacity for your rack and RTT?

Your truck looks great, I too love seeing full size diesels being put to use as Overlanders. I worry at times about the weight of these trucks when offroad and in wet conditions, but if I haven't gotten any of mine stuck out at the ranch where everything gets stuck, then hopefully I'll fair well while on the trail out on our future adventures. Truck goes in on the 20th for the lift, it's officially all there and ready to go, it'll probably be there overnight. I'll hopefully get the camper ordered in the next 6 weeks, which means I likely won't see it until March. After that I'll get the front bumper and winch and a bed slide.


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So when I was looking for a bed topper I couldn't believe the price. I ended up funded this one used and it was the exact color I needed. I called Snugtop to verify if it had the higher load rating and it did. I was in the same position as you because I didn't know if I wanted the sliding rear windows or the full glass style. Honestly I am glad I went with the sliding glass model. Having the ability to have some ventilation is super nice.


Well I hate to disappoint you, but the weight is accurate. The hull of the boat itself without any fluids, electronics, t-top, outboards, etc. is 11,300 lbs. It has a 418 gallon fuel tank at 6.3 lbs per gal of fuel that is another 2,633 lbs just in fuel. The outboards weigh another 668 lbs each without fluids or mounting hardware, thats another 2,000 lbs. So by the time you add 30 gallons of fresh water, the weight of the T-Top, the massive array of electronics, rigging, and other items, it's easily a 16,500 lb boat if not upwards of 17,000 lbs and lets not forget the 2,300 lb trailer she sits on. We had a 340 SeaVee with twin inboard diesels, a cuddy cabin, and a tuna tower and it outweighed this boat by another 1,500 lbs. Offshore boats weigh a ton, don't kid yourself.


825hp, is that a 55mph boat?


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825hp, is that a 55mph boat?

We've clocked it with multiple GPS units in the upper 60's in the intercostal running light. I wouldn't ever expect that offshore while running loaded down and with 1 ft seas though. If it gets repowered she'll get 350's.


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For the power to weight thats pretty fast.

Hull design and of course perfect conditions can be attributed to that. Loaded down with fuel, gear, and 5-6 guys in 1 ft+ seas I don't see travel more than the mid 40's comfortably and/or safely.


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Well I just got her home from the shop that did the lift install, all in all I must say that I am pretty happy. It's a little taller than I had expected for a 4" lift, but the height is only 1.5" taller than Carli kit so it's more drastic in my mind than it is in reality/person.

To recap, I installed the following:

BDS 4" lift with radius arms and Fox Coil Over's
BDS dual steering stabilizer with Fox 2.0 shocks
Sulastic Shackles in the rear
Raceline 20x10" 934BZ wheels in Bronze, -19mm offset and 4.75" backspacing
Toyo Open Country R/T's 37x12.50R20

The ride is incredible with the coil overs and the Sulastic shackles out back, by far the best riding Super Duty I have owned (last two were equipped with Icon kits). I knew it would be bigger, but these new trucks are so large from the factory that adding 4" looks huge, at least for now it does haha. The tires are extremely quiet for their size, definitely not missing the roar of M/T's at the moment. I plan to get rear bags in the coming weeks for my towing needs then it's on to the next upgrade, the question is, what's next?!

I am torn between going with a Leitner rack and possibly some Decked drawers and/or a bed slide, or a camper shell with a rack up top and a bed slide (3rd option, Soft Topper Camper and a rack on the cab?!). I want the security and shelter from the elements for my gear that the camper provides, but I like the price and ease of use that the Leitner Rack affords you. The front bumper, winch, and lights will go on in the spring before we head out on any adventures. Still leaning towards the Rogue Racing Enforcer with Warn Zeon 12s winch and Baja Designs lights.



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Snapped a few pics over Christmas.




Next mod will be remote controlled air bags in the rear to help with towing and to level out my load while traveling heavy. I'm still torn on the whole hard shell camper vs Leitner rack thing, thoughts?

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