2017 FWC Fleet for Sale: $25,000 (Santa Barbara, CA)


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Link to craigslist post: https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/rvs/d/santa-barbara-four-wheel-camper-fleet/7617248258.html

For Sale: 2017 Four Wheel Camper Fleet with front dinette setup

Camper was purchased in March 2022 from another owner. I have used this camper extensively over the last year and have really enjoyed it! Reason for selling is I have realized that I actually prefer a hardside rig that does not need to be broken down over having a pop top.

One thing that was wonky about this camper is the previous owner replaced the original heater thermostat with a wifi enabled one, that I could never really figure out how to get working when I was away from home! I have ordered the original easy to use FWC one that should arrive next week.

I also ordered one new latch for the poptop because the old latch was beginning to rust.

Only other thing is that there is no table in this rig. The mount is there to either build your own or purchase a new one though!

All in all, this camper will get you everywhere you want to go, is extremely comfortable, and is definitely built to last, as Four Wheel Campers have a great reputation for building quality rigs that you see out on the road for years. The best thing about these campers is their weight, mine comes in at just about 1100 lbs unloaded. With the right upgrades, this means that trucks like the toyota tacoma can handle hauling this!

Reach out if you have any questions or you would like to see it in person.

Check out Four Wheel Campers to compare my model to a brand new one!

(Note: Not planning on selling my Truck setup with my personal slide out drawers, but could be convinced for the right price to sell this rig as one unit).

-Rear dinette set up
-Bed above cab converts to king size length
-2 burner Propane Stove
-Electric water pump, sink, and faucet
-Solar panels, charge controller, inverter, battery, with connection ready to hookup to the alternator of your truck for easy charging
-Numerous outlets that can use to charge phones, laptops, etc by using the inverter
-USB outlets
-Signal Booster
-Isotherm fridge
-Propane Heater and water heater
-Included Propane can
-20 gallon fresh water tank that can be filled from the outside
-Water hose
-Max Air fan located over the kitchen area, with an additional vent opening without a fan above the bed
-Storage located throughout the rig
-I think there used to be a cassette toilet in the rig. It was removed before I bought it, which leaves some empty space that can be used for more gear storage! I much prefer the storage over the idea of having my toilet so close to me personally!
-Rear mounted Jerry Can for extra fuel storage
- 4 Manual Jacks for loading and unloading the camper



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