2017 Tacoma TRD O/R Manual Trans w/ 4WheelCampers Project M, dobinsons suspension, spc upper control arms


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Considering selling my Tacoma. Four words I never thought I'd say.

I'm at the point where I could keep this truck forever and "finish" the build with a front bumper, sliders and a winch. OR I could let her go and give in to the full-size bug that keeps gnawing on my brain.

It's a great setup and honestly it's everything I NEED...

Located in Maine
Asking $33,000
Not really interested in selling the camper by itself but open to offers.

The Truck:

2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road Manual Trans. 136k issue free miles. Mostly highway and fire roads.
Dealer installed TRD Air Intake and Exhaust
Dealer installed New Front Brakes summer 2022
Falken Wildpeak AT3W 235/85R16 "pizza cutters" mounted July 2022
Dobinsons springs and shocks installed by MainLine Overland in Bow New Hampshire in 2019
SPC Upper Control Arms
Serviced every 3-4k miles

The Camper:

One of the first Project M models for a 5 foot Tacoma. Installed in 2020 at MainLine Overland in Bow New Hampshire. If I end up selling this setup I'll definitely be getting a Project M for whatever full-size truck I get. It's ideal for someone who needs their truck to be a truck when they're not on a trip.

Thermal liner
Vent fan
Wired for power and solar
LED lighting
ARB awning with attachable room
Maxtrax w/ mounts
Roto Pack mounts with two 3 gal fuel canisters
Yakima tracks and bars
4Wheel Campers memory foam mattress
Surf Board racks for the jack brackets







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I agree. Looks like.a good deal. Since this is a Maine truck, any early signs of rust? Tacomas can be susceptible.

Thank you!

Great question. No signs of rust yet. A few rock chips on the hood but they aren't spreading anywhere yet and frame looks good. SPC replaced the the ball joints last year when they started to fade.


Build a custom wind fairing and get a 2 MPG bump in that speed range. That's about how much I gained. Even so, I chose to sell, with plans to buy a half ton later this year.



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For anyone still looking. I've decided to keep her. Love this setup too much and we're 4 weeks away from leaving for Alaska.

It is listed on Outdoorsy if anyone wants to make a trip to Maine later this year and take her on a trip.

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