2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad w/ AluCab Canopy Camper, Goose Gear, ARB & CBI build out


2017 White Double Cab TRD Off Road

Great truck and camper combo that’s been a secondary vehicle (not a daily driver) for fishing/camping excursions.

All major mods completed by the pros at OK4WD/AluCab USA using the top quality parts.

Regular service/maintenance completed by local Toyota dealership and Fowlers Gulf in Princeton (independent owner/operator mechanic with 40+ years experience). Folder with receipts from Toyota dealer service & Fowlers Gulf will be provided to buyer.

Vehicle is mechanically sound and runs great.

Clean title in hand.

I’m the original/only owner.

I can provide Car Fax for serious inquiries. Only one small claim I ran through insurance as minor cosmetic damage in summer 2021. The truck was parked in my driveway during a thunderstorm part of a branch fell dinging the roof and cracking the windshield. Repair was made and looks great. Total cost was less than $2000 and paperwork will be provided to buyer.

Selling since I’ll be moving on to a new project and also renovating my kitchen soon.

Shortbed Tacoma TRD Offroad fully optioned including Moonroof/JBL/Heated Seats/Blindspot Monitoring

55,600 miles+

$52,000 or b/o. $49,000 or b/o

•ARB Summit Bar with skid

•ARB front recovery point

•Warn Zeon-10S (synthetic)

•ARB Intensity Lights AR32 V2 (both Flood Pattern)

•Factor55 Flatlink

•Safari Snorkel

•Old Man Emu suspension (shocks & springs)
plus Airbags (not usually used but in case you want to carry even heavier load)

•AEV Crestone Wheels with BFG KO2s 285/70/17 (x5) 4 installed 7/2/23 50k on odometer (so about 5,600 miles on them)

•CBI Aluminum Expedition Skids T3-SKID-FULL-PRO-BLK

•CBI Sliders with tread plate T3-RSBO-HREW-TOP-BLACK

•sPOD with touchscreen

•ARB compressor mounted on Slee Offroad bracket CKMA12

•Powertray mount for sPOD

•Midland MXT275 GMRS & ghost antenna

•Hondo Garage vent mounts for sPOD & Ram phone holder

•Odyssey battery

AluCab Canopy Camper optioned with:

•Shadow Awning

•Tire Carrier

•AluCab exterior rear MOLLE panels

•GP Factor/Dickinson propane stove & chimney

•Expedition Essentials Propane mount & tank

•Custom interior cloth MOLLE on interior bulkhead from Wilde Custom Gear (made in California by former LEOs). also including bonus original AluCab bulkhead pouches

•GP Factor backdoor MOLLE panels

•GP Factor backdoor drop table with cutting board

•AluCab side & backdoor mosquito netting/canvas

•Goose Gear panel wired with BlueSea panel/outlets/voltage and Victron controller/monitor.

•Sunflare Solar 126 panel mounted with GP factor bits

•Full Goose Gear interior: base plate, front side cubbies, one double drawer & one rear side cubby

•Bedrug trimmed to fit current Goose Gear plate floor (offers softer walking surface, some insulation & easier cleanup) plus LL Bean mats for additional coverage/catching dirty

•AluCab Folding Table

•AluCab load bars

•Victory Offroad front lower bulkhead MOLLE panel

•Rostra backup camera

•2 sets of original Toyota keys plus keys for the camper & Goose Gear

*Sorry not interested in trades or parting anything out at this time.*

Truck is located in central NJ.

Willing to work with buyer on fly & drive (Philadelphia Intentional airport).

Also can have vehicle ready at OK4WD for pickup if you’re looking to get any additional items added.

Shipping (buyer handles logistics & all costs) is another possibility. Helped purchaser of my 2017 Rubicon relocate it to California.

Truck is being sold in as is condition.

Only known issues:

-the OME leaf packs have had minor squeak since nearly the beginning but functionally totally fine. After talking to OK4WD found out OME has updated the design and price reflects $ deduction so you can swap them out (or just live with it and save the $). Search on ExPo or internet for more info or alternatives if desired.

-propane hose: starting to crack from being in the elements and will need to be replaced in near future

-3rd Gen Tacoma bedrail: applicable to all 3rd Gen Tacomas so do an internet search. I have started see a little moisture from them after heavy rains so buyer may want to figure out their preferred method to seal. I’ve talked with other 3rd Gen Tacom/Canopy Camper owners and they’ve had similar minor issue. More of a nuisance than anything. Nothing some Sikaflex probably wouldn’t solve but wanted to include it since I’m a little OCD in the details.

-scrapes: truck has been used but never abused. couple of the wheels have a little rash and there are some of usual tiny chips from 55,000 + miles.

Thanks for looking.

















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I may have overlooked it here, or in your video, but is the solar feeding a house battery in the rear, or just acting as a maintainer for the Odyssey starter?


Thanks for the Q!

I’m just running the one Odyssey battery with the Sunflare panel to keep it topped off.

With the solar haven’t seen the need for a 2nd battery (weight/expense/etc) for my needs.

Of course if needed a buyer could convert one of the Goose Gear cabinets into an area for a house battery and consider upgrading to the GP Factor/Redarc power management setup.

I can get the truck to OK4WD if buyer would like to have this work done before pickup (or any other additions)



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BUMP ...
What a great truck camping set up.... If I didn't have a MARS13 trailer, this would be option1
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