2020 Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper (renamed "Back Country" as of 2023)


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Dark Horse Customs in Bozeman is now an OEV dealer.

Yes and this is good news. While Dark Horse Customs isn't a camper/RV carrier, this will be a good addition to their offerings. They are well known for their offroad customization, performance and other vehicle mods, as well as restorations, hot rod work and custom fabrications. I have an unrelated suspension project to discuss with them this week (wife's 4runner), and so will chat about them now carrying OEV.

For everyone's info, when Big Sky RV, here in Bozeman, was taken over by "Bish's RV" chain, they stopped ordering OEV and were just selling off current stock. When I asked, they said they had stopped carrying OEV. I was hoping another local shop would pick up OEV. Dark Horse Customs should be a good fit.


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I contacted OEV and they mentioned they can eventually start to fail and the best bet is to just order a new one online. So that's my next step.
I was wondering if mine just failed, but my camper isn’t even a year old and it was ordered from OEV, not a unit that was sitting on the lot. Who knows. Guess I’ll have to buy another.


♫ Off the road again. Just can't wait to get...
I was wondering if mine just failed, but my camper isn’t even a year old and it was ordered from OEV, not a unit that was sitting on the lot. Who knows. Guess I’ll have to buy another.

If less than a year old, check with your dealer to see if that is covered under the OEV warranty or if it is, similar to the appliances, covered under the manufactures warranty. In either case, it's likely you are covered under warranty if less than a year since purchase. If nothing else, the manufacturer may be able to provide some troubleshooting tips to determine if the unit is faulty or is activating as expected depending on the conditions.


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another storage idea you camp-xers might appreciate - i know ox is working with a company to provide soft pouches for various locations on the interior, but this is a perfect fit and holds a ton of stuff

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Hi Crystalclear, I saw your photo of the Mudstuff storage bag and it looks like a perfect fit. Did you have any issues ordering this from the UK...were there any unforeseen fees or taxes? Thanks for sharing your storage ideas.


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What is everyone doing for ski storage? Picking up my camper in the next few weeks so I don't have it in front of me to test things out but want to plan ahead for a solution.

Here is what I'm currently thinking:

Rear Molle Panel (I believe this is my preferred option)
Pros: Easy to access
Cons: Skis will stick up above roof (not too concerned about clearance during ski season, and would still be lower than a roof mount)

Roof Rack Mount
Pros: simple, lots of options on the market
Cons: Skis will stick up well above roof, very difficult to access, will partially block solar

Side Mount
Pros: Easy to access
Cons: Would need to add L track or Molle to camper, extra width is more concerning to me than height and will decrease visibility while driving

Inside Camper
Pros: Free, secure, easy to access
Cons: Would get in the way, introduce a lot of water to the floor and moisture in the air after a ski day

In Truck Bed
Is there enough room on the sides of the camper by the turnbuckles to slide a pair of skis in and out? 2021 Camp-X going on a 22 F-250

With any system, I'd like to find something that will protect the skis from the elements, and also from theft.

The Owl Vans or Tec Vans ski lockers would be the easiest choice, but the prices are absurd, and the 14-16" depths seem excessive for the use and cumbersome for travel.

I'm considering using a SporTube box with their roof rack kit adapted to work on the rear Molle panel. They also make a strap solution, but that seems less desirable for security and strength in a vertical mount


I'm also considering going very simple with a PVC tube mount and keeping the skis in a soft storage bag for weather protection. Not sure how well the skis could be protected from theft, however.
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I can slide two snowboards down each side of the camper. Out of the way, easy to access, discrete, and locked using a Master Lock in the torklift . The torklift prevents the boards from sliding out the back too (they have never even shifted).

I’d image you could do something similar for skis.

(I typically use locks on the torklifts, but didn’t have them on for this picture)

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Have a look at what "TrailTalk" has done. They have an OEV and are also serious skiers.
Hey Bob, thanks for the mention. We didn't use an off-the-shelf solution but had OEV mount a custom aluminum box on the rear departure angle. I spent a lot of time figuring out a removable ski rack that mounts inside with a few bolts but it turns out we don’t use the rack much, preferring ski bags for quick in-and-out. The box itself has been indispensable for carrying awkward items like gazebo tent, ladder, even jerry cans.

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