2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD OR - 12k Miles


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$75,000 - Bellingham, WA

Hey Guys. Had this rig built out late last year and have yet to take it out. It has been off-road 0 times :-( My work situation has changed and I will not be able to use the truck to commute the way I need to and will not be able to have the 2023 of adventures that I planned. Everything you see was purchased new and I have receipts. Truck was about $50k new, purchased by me. I've put in over $35k in parts and having everything professionally installed. The truck has all the packages from Toyota including LED lighting and premium sound. Let me know if there is anything specific I may have missed. Below are the main upgrades although there are small things like locking lug nuts that may not be on the list. This truck is pretty turnkey, but if you want to make any changes I work closely with VMI Offroad and I'm sure they do whatever you need.

You can see photos here: https://reubenjames.smugmug.com/Tacoma/n-CBGpWW/

Upgrade list:
RCX Pro Stage 3, 3.5in suspension kit
Sumo Springs
ICON Rebound Pro 17x8.5 titanium wheels (x5)
Mikey Thompson Baja Boss AT 33x11.50 (x5) 10 ply
Spare tire TPMS sensor
Speedometer module
Engine software tune
RCX Pro fender flares front and rear, fully bolted, professionally textured
RCX Pro Hybrid front winch bumper kit w/ 20in LED bar
FabFours '21 rear bumper
LED backup lights
LED 8DX tail lights
RCX Pro 12k synthetic winch
RSI Smartcap Evo
iKamper Skycamp 2.0
N-fab steps
Prinsu cab rack


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