4d56 injection pump shut off

diesel guys.
my pajero, which I bought non op. has a fuel pump issue. Won't stay running.
tell me please about the fuel shut off mechsnism.
there is no visible solonoid under the intercooler.
I just think is poor presdure. it ryes on starter crank but will not continue on its own for very long.
she's leaving the farm to a new owner and if she runs , that would be a help to them


Unlikely to be the shutoff solenoid, if it runs for a while, turns off, then will run for the rest of the day fine, it is probably the seal on the injector pump behind the gear on the front. I would also check the fuel lines for pinholes, where it could be drawing in air, and the fuel filter housing, which can go bad and draw in air too
thank you.
I bypassed filter with pressured fuel canister,
as there is unknown fuel condition.

pump is dry.
engine is not making oil.
injectors are messy but likely a leaking valve cover.
I believe the pressure is low.....


If it is the front seal on the pump you wouldn't see that there is a leak, it would just stall after a few mins of running.

Does it run alright when you run it out of a drum of diesel? I doubt it is a fuel pressure issue, because you don't have a lift pump in the tank, the Injector pump sucks it up, you could also lift the pickup in the tank and have a look and see is it damaged, or the little filter blocked

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it did not run at all.
I gave up, robbed the hood for my gas LS, AND walked away.
so there is no lift pump.
I pressurized a weed sprayer, and with it hooked directly to the hose to the pump, post filter, it would run very roughly only on start mode.
when releasing the key it will wind down and die.
I put my blend of diesel saver in the spraye:
diesel, corn oil, 2 stroke oil and some power service that I wanted to finish up the can .
that is sitting in the pump now as I put 2 gallons through her.
when I get back from fire camp in the fall, I may try again.
anyone wanr a 4d56??!!

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