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So we have had the discussion on Ronny Dahl's vids on Youtube but I wanted to bring up the Trip vids that the peeps at 4WD Action started posting about 10 months ago.
If it has already been covered then please point me to that thread and and forget this one even exists.
If not, allow me to carry on.

These guys are tackling all sorts of terrain, mild to wild, in what many would consider mildly modified rigs and doing just fine.
There are a handful of the rides that have 35 inch tires but most are running smaller tires, a mild lift, some lockers and a winch and that's about it.
Most of the time they just set up camp in these little one or two person canvas tents that have mattresses built in like a roof top tent might.
They generally have a fridge and camp stove but end up cooking on the fire a lot.

As I am in the middle of my very own all-terrain-travel-machine build as we speak, it really makes me think about what I need and what I don't as far as vehicle mods and camp gear goes.
I am surprised by some of the things these guys are using that work really well that I have never seen anyone use in the United States.

Of course I am also amazed at how often these guys go barefoot living in the land where nearly all of the most deadly things in the world live.

Anyway they have about 20 or 30 trip specific vids up right now so I won't bother linking any one in particular.
However, If you are bored and want to educate yourself in the art of off roading I can't recommend their vids enough.
They are all about 45 minutes long and I haven't come across a lame one yet.


I sub to the channel,it has grown on me.
Some of the vehicles are more modified than others,the little DMAX PU gets around pretty good for what looks like a stock or close to stock vehicle.
It helps to have spotters and a number of rigs to winch you out of a jam.


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I have been subscribing to the mag for years and each comes with a full DVD....covers adventure trip, reader build, cooking segment and more....great vids to take camping and use a projector and bedsheet.


I'm a big fan, been watching them like crazy the last few months. They are obviously very produced, but not in a bad way, just not as raw as your typical youtube channel. Very entertaining.


Love the show. Watch it all the time. I think in the States we tend to overkill with our gadgets and equipment. Going out to the bush shouldn’t mean adding 500+ lbs of equipment to your vehicle. If you watch Dahl’s recent videos, his rebuild is designed around less weight. I just went through that myself. Besides my 70L cooler and 8P ground tent for longer trips, everything I need fits into my drawer system, including a 2P tent, sleeping bag, recovery gear, kitchen, and spare parts. Maxtrax and spare tire go on the roof and that’s pretty much it. It’s too bad the Swag hasn’t hit the US market; at least not behind Kodial canvas and some other generic brands. The ARB swag is ridiculously over priced.

But back to the show, it’s a total treat to watch. I learn from it and that’s what I love.

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It's not a bad watch... myself and family even appear in one of thier old Moreton Island videos. The reason 35's are as big as the tyres are and lifts not that big, is because that's pretty much as big as you can legally go in Australia on the roads, sometimes more like a 33" tyre and 2" lift is it to stay legal, just depends on which state of the country you are in and what vehicle you own.


Great series. I watch them all. Great to see guys out wheeling all sort of rigs from the newest and most built Land Cruisers to well used older Nissans and even the little Dmax with no lockers. Graham Cahill (owner of the "Shorty" and Dmax) has his own photography biz too. ******** goes wrong, ******** breaks and they also get some great shots and make me want to pack up everything and head to the land down under to explore!


Great videos,but wish I hadn't watched them now.I have a soft spot for cookware and noticed the pot being used in some of the videos.I looked it
up and it is a Bedourie camp oven and I haven't found any importers in the US nor anyone who will ship out of Australia.


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I watched Ronny and 4WD Action last night.

Wow...the perfect blend of vehicles, off-road action, and scenery/history.

And I love how they don't have the latest and greatest in Tech...shows you don't need much to Overland successfully.


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I have been watching them both quite a bit. I think we should post up and discuss each video when it comes out.

The one thing I have noticed is how they drive. Seems to be a lot more use of the skinny pedal and tires are deflated nearly as much.

Plus, it seems they tend to bend steering components on the IFS rigs quite a bit. However, in there defense they seem to be dealing with a lot of slick mud.

I'm wondering how the Australian government will handle a vehicle like the JL that can run 35s on the stock suspension. Is it the tyre size or the lift or a combo of the two?

I really wonder how the 4wd Action team would do with a SFA vehicle on 37s?

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