4x4 1994 Ford E-350 Short Bus - SOLD!!


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It is with a heavy heart that I am parting with my short bus. I have put a ridiculous amount of time and thought into this thing, and it is a beast. It will climb up and down anything you tell it to in 4 low and handles crazy well on the highway considering it’s size. Has all the bells and whistles, and will carry all of your toys, from bikes to rafts to moving furniture. Interior has been overly thought out and is very versatile and functional. The exterior I have not painted, as I preferred the character of the bus color and you don’t have to worry about scratching it – but you can paint it any color that you would like! It is registered as an rv and I have not had any issues with insurance through state farm. I built this out to function as a shuttle rig for rafting trips and adventure. I just don’t use it enough to justify it, as I have only put 12k on it since I bought it 4 years ago. Below are the specs, along with all upgrades and features.

1994 Ford E-350 7.3 IDI (Diesel Indirect Injection) with ~125k miles

All completed in the last 10k:

4X4 Conversion

Completely rebuilt transmission and drivetrain in 2018. Used Bakers Transmission in Grand Junction and they did a superb job

4” Ujoint Lift Kit and 4wd Conversion completed by yours truly

Axle from a 2004 Ford F-350, totally rebuilt with new manual locking hubs

New Batteries as of 2020

New Starter as of 2021

New coolant lines, clamps, coolant

New Injectors, Injector Lines, and Injector Pump as of 2019

New Glow Plugs as of 2021

Wiring harnesses have been cleaned, inspected, and repaired

Rear Tire Rack off back door

New LED headlights as of 2020

Custom Roof Rack – wanted to build an aluminum deck/platform and never got to it

Roof has been sealed properly with rv caulk and white rubber sealant to keep it cool

200W solar panel with battery charger


Custom woodworking, including cabinets, storage, table, kitchen, insulated floor, walls, and ceiling

2 bench seats and 1 single seat from a 2015 Ford Transit – for a total of 5 people and a driver

300 AH AGM Batteries – charged off solar panel as well as off the alternator via battery isolator. Plenty of charge to work remotely from your computer

Interior lights, usb chargers, 12v ports scattered all over the place

Radio with Bluetooth built into cabinets with 4 speakers

2 - 12v fans

Dometic Fridge and Sink Stove Combo

20 gallon water tank under bus

Espar Diesel Heater Allows for year round camping

Custom insulated Curtains

Queen Fold Out Bed in rear. Can be kept out or folded up for versatility

Cassette Toilet – can be placed in back or put outside

Please reach out if you have any questions. There is one issue with the bus, and that is that it is not starting well when the engine is hot and it is hot out. I had replaced the injection pump last fall and it worked great until recently now since it has been so warm recently. I have learned that you need to buy the high end injection pumps to make sure they rebuilt everything, and I only had replaced it with a middle of the road one. Anyways, it runs awesome and starts great when the engine is cold, I just drove to moab and back and it ran great. Also If you were to install a turbo on this thing (I was soo close) it would drive like a present day car. You can get a kit for around $2,500. Throw an aluminum deck on the roof and you are set.

$40,000 OBO


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Nice bus. I have a 1988 International Uhaul with the 7.3 IDI engine. It had a hot start problem, finally it wouldn't start at all and it was the lift pump. It was a lot easier and cheaper than an injection pump.


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Nice bus. I have a 1988 International Uhaul with the 7.3 IDI engine. It had a hot start problem, finally it wouldn't start at all and it was the lift pump. It was a lot easier and cheaper than an injection pump.
Thank you! I was wondering about that for a bit, and almost replaced it a couple weeks ago. thanks for the advice - ordered one and will install it on saturday!

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Bump, nice looking rig. Any update on her status? Is she still available how are you coming with the mechanical issue stated above?

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