5x10 Cargo Camper Conversion - Oklahoma


2013 Model Continental Cargo 5'x10' V-Nose Cargo Trailer converted to offroad capable camping rig for sale.

Started this project back in 2013 with a brand new Continental Cargo base model trailer with the intention of it being a "couple of week project." Life got in the way and it ended up taking quite a bit longer to do. It is not 100% finished to my tastes (needs some trim work on the interior, minor bits & pieces here and there) but it is 100% functional and ready to go on a trip.

The tongue of the trailer has been extended and replaced with 2.5" x 2.5" x .250" wall receiving tubing with gusset plates to facilitate the use of a Max-coupler instead of a standard 2" ball. Bigger safety chains were added and the wiring was extended as well. Also added a front propane tank mount to the driver side of the tongue, it can be moved to either side for clearance. Removed the standard fixed-mount jack and added a folding front jack on the driver side of the tongue.

I also fabricated new side "rub rails" and fenders down the length of each side of the trailer as pictured. They're built completely out of steel, bolted onto the trailer, and have been sprayed with bedliner top and bottom. Fenders can be removed and reconfigured should someone wish to do so.

We changed the axle to a standard trailer axle (no brakes) and added Spidertrax wheel spacers to get the appropriate clearance on the hubs to run JK wheels. Bolt pattern is a 5 on 5.

The interior of the trailer was completely stripped and insulated both in the walls and ceiling with 3/4" thick styrofoam sheet insulation with aluminized barrier on the outside. Bead board paneling was installed in the interior.


* Extended front tongue with gusset plates
* Removeable/foldable trailer jack
* Propane tank mount with propane
* Custom fabricated rub rails and fenders entire length of trailer - coated with Bedliner
* Added window to each side of trailer as pictured
* Insulated ceiling and walls with 3/4" styrofoam insulation
* Beadboard paneling installed on interior of trailer along with on inside of all doors
* Axle was replaced with a standard 3500 LB trailer axle w/ 5 on 5 hubs to match Jeep JK
* Spidertrax wheel spacers machined to facilitate hub clearance for standard JK wheels.
* Custom cabinets built inside living quarters and rear galley
* Custom front cabinet built housing Dual 100 Amp hour battery system, Guest marine dual battery charger, Blue Sea Fuse Block, battery cut off switch, 2000 watt inverter unit, and multiple 12V/USB outlets.
* Dual USB outlet & dual led reading lamps placed above bed area
* 30 Gallon on board water tank underneath bed area
* Attwood 6 Gallon Propane Hot Water Heater System
* Demand Water Pump (Shur Flo I believe).
* Exterior RV style shower on the driver side rear of the trailer next to the water fill
* Rear sink with hot & cold running water
* Tembo Tusk Heavy Duty Fridge Slide in rear galley area w/ 12 Volt Plug for Fridge
* Blue Sea Fuse Block In Rear Galley Area
* Rigid Industries lighting under galley cabinets
* Lighting on each side of the trailer and at the rear for perimeter lighting
* Foxwing awning over passenger side of trailer w/ 4 tapered extension panels
* REI Queen Size Air Mattress & Sheet/Comforter Kit - This mattress has been inflated and in trailer since February and hasn't dropped air pressure at all. Very nice setup (Over $400 New).
* Storage underneath bed area w/ RV-style fold-up table mechanism
* Max coupler hitch
* 37" Goodyear MTRs on JK Rubicon take off wheels

* Overall length - 14.5 Feet From Tip of max coupler to rear
* Overall width - 88" fender to fender

** ARB 50 QT Fridge pictured is not included with sale **

This trailer has been used once on a trip. When I started construction of the trailer I didn't factor in the fact that my daughter would take up as much room in the bed as a full grown man does. We've taken it on 1 trip and realized that it just wasn't big enough for the 3 of us to sleep comfortably. For a solo traveler or 2 people it would be just fine.

I'll be upfront and say that when I built the interior of the trailer my skill level with woodworking/fitting left some to be desired. There are extra screw holes here and there in the paneling, and some of the panels don't align perfectly. A lot of it could be easily fixed with some trim work and wood filler fairly simply. There are a few other details someone may or may not want to dress up on the interior, but it doesn't need anything done to it to take it on a trip besides loading your gear and hitting the road.

The tires & wheels that are on it were take off tires & wheels I had laying around. The tires are probably about 20%, so they will need to be replaced at some point. They are 37" tires and clear the fenders fine, but 35s or 33s would be much better in my opinion.

I have over $10K in the trailer at the point you see it now, not including the time it took to build it all out. My asking price is $5500.00 but I am certainly negotiable on this. Not really interested in trades at this point.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
















Pretty sure I know the answer to this, but is the kitchen area removeable to allow access to the trailer/bed area from the back? Thanks.


Unfortunately, no. Not to say it wouldn't be possible to make it that way, but it would require basically rebuilding the whole trailer.


The multi-axis coupler is a hitch that allows for pivot both up & down & side to side to provide more stability and security while traveling offroad with the trailer. It is a 2 piece hitch with greaseable bushings. No noise, no problems, work extremely well.


I have a Max Coupler on my 5 x 10 V trailer (Jeff Wanamog built) and it works super great.


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