'92 2wd to low SAS 4x4 conversion


I haven't forgotten about this thing. I've been slowly plugging away at it for a while now. Crunch time has finally come, as I have a wheeling trip I have to attend at the end of September so I should have this thing done in the next week hopefully so I can at least work the bugs out.

Positioned the front spring hanger and welded it in. Tossed the tires on to get a wheelbase measurment, wheelbase now measures 104"


The front cross-member does not have threaded inserts for the bumper to mount.So I drilled the holes out and put DOM sleeves through the two inner holes and welded the both sides, the outer holes are blind so I insterted DOM sleeves in there as well welded and tapped them for 9/16" bolts. then plated over them with a Front range offroad bumper re-enforcement.


I tried to mock up the bumper only to find the braces that bolt to the body mounts were off by a lot and were hitting the core support. Out came the plasma and off they came. New mounts will be made.


mocked up the bumper to check clearances, some minor tweaking will be needed.


Painted up and installed the rear bumper.


installed the rear diff armor and rear shocks. Used the factory upper shock mounts and welded new lower mounts in. Still have to clean up the frame and paint it.


mocking up the steering box


Before/ After shortening the front upper shock mount.


Steering shock, box and upper shock mount placement finalized. Used a old steering shock to get an idea for shock placement.


welded in and starting to paint


Front suspension starting to go back together


Pulled the engine to finish weld the frame and paint. While it was out I installed my EGR block off plates, new engine mounts, fuel filter and installed a new oil pump seal.


installed the engine back in. Can finally start hooking everything back up.


Picked up a truck storage box for the camping gear, also installed my spare tire mount.


starting to modify my header as it has some clearance issues with my front shackle. Heated it up and did some light tapping to stop it from hitting the shackle bolt. Still have to cut and turn the flange as I run into issues with it hitting when the shackle goes through its arc under compression. If I had a 4wheel drive header this wouldn't be an issue but I bought the header long before I thought about making this a 4x4.

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Been working hard the past couple weeks to get this thing done. Still some stuff to do, but at least it looks like a truck again!
Might have to pick up some paint for the fenders though...

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Wicked clean SAS job so far! Keep up the good work.
Looks good. Thinking of doing the same thing with my 82 2wd pickup
You should do it to your 2wd, far less stuff to cut off.
Very nice! I love low SAS's.
Thanks, it will be nice to see how far the springs settle just to see how low it is.
This is sweet! Looks good. Very well thought out. The crossmember is sweet!!! Gonna make dome kinda skid for the tcase?
The T-case does have a skid plate, it bolts to the holes for the transmission mount.


Since I've been driving this for a while I have found a couple small issues that need attention. This is the major one IMO due to the fact it annoys the hell out of me. I had a LC Engineering header for a 2wd that was already on the truck. I ended up having to modify to get it to work with the new suspension set up. I noticed I was getting a lot of vibration in my foot area due to the tight clearances between the header and rear shackle mount on the front suspension. I decided to order a 4wd header from LCE to hopefully solve the issue.

comparison shot: 2wd top 4x4 lower


so much more room. I don't have a shot from before but you wouldn't have been able to see the upper shackle nut from this angle. I had to clearance the exhaust collector for the nut to fit and cut and turn the flange for the shackle to clear under compression.


After sliding the new header into place I noticed it was very tight to the frame rail, so tight infact that if I tightened the upper manifold bolts it would have been touching the frame. There is no feeling quite like taking a brand new header and smashing it with a hammer to fit your truck.......
Freshly modded header....


Yay, it fits by less than a 1/4"


After installation I had to tweak my exhaust again for it to fit the new header, luckly I had some extra exhaust pieces laying around to make it work. New exhaust system is tucked up above the frame rail nicely out of harms way.


Hopefully more to come over the next few months as I get the truck ready for a trip to Moab in 2017
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Matt, that looks like a PITA on the exhaust work! Oh well, now it's done and looking great. Love this truck!


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Stumbled upon this build thread and it gives me so much more drive and reassurance of my current project. Thanks for the detailed pics and info.

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