99 Trooper before/after lift

Had my 99 5 spd Trooper for about 6 months. Lifted it shortly after I got it cause it was hitting the bumpstops all the friggen time. I used Moog springs instead of OME cause they're made in the ??. Went from the pathetic factory springs to 250 lb progressive springs. Torsion bar crank to match in the front with new shocks all the way around and its a new truck. Looks much better and rides amazing.

Anyway we've wheeled and camped all over southern Colorado now and its never let us down. The thing goes anywhere we want to go, comfortably, without any drama.

Any other Troopers still out there Adventuring? Most of them I see anymore are *******boxes.


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It’s great to see more Troopers out there getting after it!

Here’s my 1997 Trooper. I’m the original owner. It’s lifted about 2” with OME shocks all around and OME 929 springs in the back. The tires are Cooper MAXX 255/85/r16 which fit really well with the lift. Even when stock the Trooper was super capable. It’s been all over the Sierras, Mojave, and Death Valley.

I wish you luck on your roof rack. It’s been so hard trying to find a good roof rack still being made that uses the trooper’s own threaded mounting holes in the roof. I used to have two Yakima round bars (53”) on Q Tower bars. The Surco products (Safari rack and TR100 mounts) are ok, but the build quality is pretty bad. Most of the new “modular” racks like Frontrunner or Rhino will require removing the headliner and drilling new mounting holes in the roof.

I recently put together this current rack using extruded aluminum t-track, aluminum bars, and 3/4” aluminum angles. I drilled all the mounts so they fit the stock mounting points. Finally it’s a roof rack I’m pretty happy with. It’s compatible with all 10-series t-track hardware and is basically a copy of the Prinsu brand racks they made for Toyota’s.


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Archerwolf, that rack is sweet and you've got a great looking trooper.

I actually found a guy on CL locally that has several new old stock OEM trooper roof rack brackets with crossmembers, complete with hardware. I'm going to buy a set this Friday. Might even buy two sets so I can use all three factory mounting locations to distribute rack weight across the entire roof.

Once I get the brackets and crossmembers mounted next weekend I'll decide on a rack.

Now I'm off to price snorkles thank's to you. Haha


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Did you guys luck out and get manuals?
We had a 2000 Trooper w/6000 miles on it. I got rear-ended at 45 mph. The impact nearly ripped the driver's seat out. $13,800 in damage and 3.5 months fixing it sourcing out parts. Sucker was a mountain goat.
Yep, mines a 5 spd. Pretty sure all the autos are in the graveyard. The auto transmissions were junk.

I've got 175,000 miles on it. It does burn about a quart of oil ever 1000 miles. I use 15-40 rotella and that seems to help. Runs like a top.


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The snorkel has come in handy a couple times! I also like the look of the Sy-clone precleaner versus the standard dinosaur head. This snorkel is an ARB for the Holden Jackaroo RHD. Just needed an extra 12” length of flexible air intake tube and hose clamps to adapt it to the LHD Trooper.

Unfortunately my Trooper has the 4L30E automatic. I had it rebuilt at 125k miles. It’s working well and currently has about 175k miles.


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That's quite the water crossing. The precleaner looks great. Is that a Ford explorer in front of you? I haven't been that deep in this truck. Medano pass usually has a few "deep" water crossing but not that deep. Haven't seen anything that deep in southern CO that you were allowed to drive across. Haha

Those 4L30E's can be helped a lot from proper maintenance from what I understand. Just like the oil buring issue. People didn't stay on top of it and they blew up...


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It kind of sucks but that Ford Explorer hydrolocked and got stuck there. I was glad it was out of the way enough to cross. We managed to winch it and get it most of the way out of the water.

What were you using for oil before the Rotella? I’ve been using 5w-30 Mobil one for a long time, but I’m considering going to a heavier weight oil.

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That does suck for sure.

I was using 5-30 castrol before rotella but it burned that stuff even faster. Probably doesn't make much difference as long as you keep it topped off.

Got my roof rack mounted this weekend. I've got to fab up mounts for the traction boards and I'm mounting an ARB awning this week. I'm really happy with how it feels and looks.


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Always loved the troopers. Both posted look great!

Is the older body style basically the same rig or were there significant changes with the newer body style? I see the old square bodies for sale from time to time and I really like the boxcar look. Are they worthy of a build?


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They are both solid and are known to go high mileage. There are significant differences between the boxier Gen 1 and these Gen 2's. planetisuzoo.com has lots of info for research and reference.

These links also have good reference info.


Coloradobushcrafter do you remember what part number moog springs you used and also what size tire are you running? I just picked up a 96 trooper as a camping /adventure rig. Im going back and forth with tires 265/75 , 285/75 ,235/85 , 255/85 I want to go 33s but worry about power loss and overheating my auto transmission. You have a great setup
I went with Moog Cc812. Rides great loaded or unloaded. I did have to cut the pigtail off one end to ger them to fit. For the money it saved me vs OME and made in the USA I couldn't be happier. Screenshot_20200520-063748.pngScreenshot_20200520-063824.png

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