A 03 Disco II Build


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Hello members of expedition portal,
I am going to make a on going thread to keep track of my build process and to give others ideas as many of you have done already on here. After researching Discos I fell in love with them and began my search for one of my own. I found and bought a 03 Disco II last August. It is a salvaged title but that didn't bothered me. It came with a 2 inch OME lift, a jeep bumper, and larger off road tires. I have many ideas of what I want to do next but can only do so much so fast so I expect this to be a longterm project.

Current Build:

4inch Rovertyme Lift With Fox Shocks
Lucky 8 Swaybar Disconnect
Ashcroft Front and Rear Air lockers
Ashcroft HD Axle and CV
Tom woods Double Cardon Driveshaft
2004 Locking Transfer Case
35inch Nitto Mud Grappler
16inch Steel Wheels
Flexi Wheel Arches
ARB air compressor
Voyager Off Road roof rack
4 Hella 4000 Roof Rack Lights
2 Hella 700 Bumper Lights
CVT Roof Top Tent
Custom Built Front Bumper with Skid
Custom built Rear Bumper With Tire Swingout and Jerry Can Mounts
Red Top Optima Battery

Most Up to date Pictures

Here are some pictures going through the build on the Front bumper tell me what you think and take a look through to see the progress of the whole build. Keep your Eyes out for my up coming Expo trailer Build:safari-rig:

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I want to do something similar to this


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Thank you. It was quite a process to go though from the original sketch to the final product but was worth all the grinding and welding.


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Great looking bumper! Thats the simple clean look, I will be looking to install on my own 03. How much time do you have in it? With type of product you could have a nice little side business in the works! All the due diligence is done, now the production starts. Looking forward to keeping up with you build.


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I also want to do some rear drawers system similar to this

If anyone has other suggestions to do feel free to let me know.


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Yeah, I like how clean it turned out. Wish I was able (limited by experience and tools) to complete such a project. Hell, bumpers start at $650 and go up to $1,500.


What is your plan for the CDL? Kind of the achilles heel of the 03s along with the engine issues that have plagued the year. Might just need to go diesel and be done with it.


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I know that there are engine problem with them but still not sure what I'm going to do about it. I think I might use a 04 gear box for the cdl but still not sure trying to figure it out as I go. If you have any suggestion or ideas I would really appreciate it.
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