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Hey everyone! Recently I've been getting more serious about the expedition and so-called "van dwelling" scene of traveling around while living out of my JK full time. After following a bunch of people on Instagram and Youtube who do it and reading through countless expedition threads on this site it seems like an enjoyable lifestyle.


During my research I came across the Action Camper conversion and I can't get it out of my head. It's been mentioned on this site before but I can't find anyone who's actually done it.

Has anybody purchased one of these before? (or have a similar camper shell conversion?)

I haven't found anything about them recently, but it looks like their price nowadays is around $30k as opposed to $55k when they first appeared. Don't get me wrong that is no small chunk of change, but when you compare it to other things like an EarthRoamer (a guy can dream can't he?!) it isn't too steep. Plus I'd still get to keep my Jeep!!

Anyway, has anybody done this before or gotten something similar? Even if you haven't done it what are your thoughts on it?



Just figure out for $30k do you want something built into your jeep or trailer your camper?

While they both have their merits, not only that is a $30k investment you'll never recoup, but it's also tied to that make/model. Just food for thought.


Basically what tarditi said.

There are tear drop trailers out there that you can pick up for under $5,000. Then you'll have more space, comfort, and if something happens to your Jeep you're not tied to replacing it with another JK.


Couldnt the same be said for the Ursa Minor J30? Yes the J30 starts at half the cost of the Action Camper but its the same concept of turning a JKU into a camping rig.

Isnt there also a French made JKU camper similar to the J30 as well?

OP check out Bamajeep's build, Link.
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