All alluminum toy hauler/camper


Change of plans. Originally our plan was to drive from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to South America. Now coming back from 6 months in Alaska / Canada we are ready to cross the Pacific and head to Asia / Europe. Planning to buy bikes in Vietnam so it is time to let our trailer go. We built it to haul our BMW sidecar on our Arctic Circle trip and journey south. We would unload the sidecar, set camp, and roam the local area. But our buggy hauler was used for much more than we planed. When it was raining it was space to work, cook, change, bath, store fishing gear, and with its separate solar panels a charging center for the electronics. In the sun, especially when the granddaughters joined us, with the ramp down it became a deck. At night with ramp up extra sleeping space. We traveled some of the roughest roads in Alaska and loved having the trailer. Here is the build thread. and here is our travel FB if you want to see where we took it in Alaska It worked perfect for what we needed! Inside the trailer measures 92.5 inches wide X 119 inches long

Price $8,000 or best offer
Located in Los Angeles, California

-all aluminum trailer (except the axel)
-6000 pound capacity Dexter torsion axels with electric brakes
-250 watts solar panels with blue sky controller
-shower stall no running water, water drain will connect to standard RV park connection
-counter and sink, no running water
-manual winch for loading / unloading (a drill with a socket can be use)
-large storage
-ramp raises and lowers easily
-two LED lights white/red capacity for night vision
-LED running lights
-separate exterior storage for tools


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Hello rideglobally,
Just read you advertisement. I am considering building a rig like this. Is it still for sale? I am in L. A. Area

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