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Just bought a 1998 4wd Powerstroke type 3 ambulance with 60k miles. It was a "tactical police" van, and seems in good condition.
I like that it is more open inside than some ambulances I have looked at. I am pretty sure the 4wd conversion was done by Quigley.

I'd like to build this to rig to experience the western states, such as a trip from Baja to Alaska.

The design is in the infancy stage and I am thinking about functionality needed and layout. Are there any good ambo builds that work well as expedition vehicles? A lot of the ambo builds seem to be more comfy RV than capable expedition.
I'll have to include things that make the wife happy but what expo things should be put to the front of the decision process? It would seem to me that a lot of decisions need to be made before the work can really get going.

Is the coil spring 4wd conversion (Quigley) acceptable for (reliable) backroad travels?

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Hello. Nice rig. I would make sure your box isn't CRAZY heavy. I saw one from a swat vehicle in a scrap yard that must a been filled with sand or concrete in the body cavities. Likely not, but I'd check. For me I am not "pre-running" my they are fine as they are. I just need 4x4 for boondocking. Likely on big trips I will tag along a custom skeleton trailer with a C7 or Cherokee. I just need 4x4 so I am less likely to get stuck if it rains overnight. Last thing I want is 4 wheeling in a large heavy expensive rig. If I wreck a CJ or Cherokee...I'll drag it back to my ambo.

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