An expedition truck on portals...


Quick question from the workshop.
I have for some time been thinking to remove the head liner and insulate the roof properly from the inside, at the same time gaining some more head room.
Anybody following this thread who´s done it or could recommend material?



I have. I used a closed cell foam insulation layer first and then an open cell vinyl covered foam on top of it. There are a variety of choices. I went to a local shop that builds custom interiors to get the materials. They also have a special spray adhesive designed specifically for foam that is very strong.


FYI, not to sidetrack but my previous info is no longer accurate.

Gigglepin will now be going to the KOH this year, but not in their truck, in a new custom Jimmy's 4x4 buggy.


I know., but thanx.

I made this little photoshop´d images for Jim…..



Aye, I've done several. Closed cell foam (as suggested already) is the way to go. I used 8mm stuff - get it by the 8x4 foot sheet from a 'chemical converter'. You may need to experiment with the various glue types available. Some of the aerosols don't tolerate high temps and will crack and drop the foam on your head in the summer (dont ask how I know). The most reliable method I've found is EvoStik - they do a white low-VOC version which will ensure you dont get brain damage when sticking it in. If your roof is off and you can do it the right way up (ie upside down) then it makes life easier. (Whatever you do dont use open cell foam, its a moisture-absorbing smelly mess that will result). I've then stuck cheap nylon automotive carpet over the top. Warm, quiet, pretty.

R Thomas

Search for Ensolite IOU. It is peel and stick and works for thermal and acoustic insulation. The rolls are 36 inches wide and flexible enough to make work in tight corners.

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took me 5 nights to read this entire thread and im happy to follow. i'm also from (one of the forum managers).

bless you all, and especially robert and tibus for giving us ideas on how to extend the capabilities of our madness :)

portals on a suzuki samurai anyone ? :)



This may be a little late, but I had the Cepek FC-II's on my Tacoma for a while, and they are -terrible- in snow. I recently changed to Wrangler Duratracs and they are a marvelous improvement in every way. Don't know if you can get them in your size, or how available they are for you, but I've actually been kind of bummed because I can't slide around in snow anymore without putting it in 2WD and really smashing the throttle. Mud performance (On our ridiculous high-clay mud) is also stellar.


Not to late for tyre advice ;-)
Not yet.
Depending on the delivery date of my wheel, it may become the Super Swamper TrXus M/T Radial 38.5x14.50R16LT.
How soft is the side-wall on these? Any idea?


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Super Swamper TrXus M/T Radial 38.5x14.50R16LT.
How soft is the side-wall on these? Any idea?

I have a set on my Pinzgauer and have two "sidewall" punctures on a section of the tread I thought was more tread than sidewall... not sure if the belts are smaller than others but it was a bummer. The performance on ice / snow was better before the siping cuts disappeared as they were worn down. Overall I would say they are a good tire for on/off road use with the off-road part being more heavily weighted.

They air down very wheel - I can send you a picture of my truck as one tire has a slow leak and its low again. I'd say they are very "soft" when airing down compared to other Swampers.


Greetings from the road, guys.

Whatever you do and whatever you drive, make sure it´s all-wheel drive ;-)


I used this Rokon (thanx to Jay Couch of Couch Offroad Engineering) as my press vehicle during the King of the Hammers 2014 and it was sooo much fun, but also scary where it would go (I got lost one night and ended up on top of a hill that I would´t have dared to climb at daylight)

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