Another dead alternator on my 1999 Monty

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My 2¢:
Go on line to one of the good auto parts sites (RockAuto, Summit Racing, etc.) and find a list of new alternators.
- Then -
Order on line
- or -
Go to your favorite auto parts store and see if they can get one for you.

It sucks to have a vehicle you don't trust and your time and stress level is worth more than the price difference. I wouldn't mess with rebuilt again.
I did order a Bosch alternator from RockAuto before the one I have currently installed. I think it was re manufactured though because that is all they had on the site.

I am with you and always try to buy new (oem if available) whenever I can but for this truck it looks like they are getting harder to find. I passed by a local shop this morning and they said that they will see if they can order me a Denso brand one. If they do find one I was hoping to add a cover to it to see if that adds extra protection.

Would it be possible that there is something else in the electrical system that keeps killing my alternator? The car is all stock except for the radio. No amplifiers, fog lights, etc.


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