Another Road trip: TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO-TX, July 9th to July 22, 2020

Went to the White Sands NP this morning and it was amazing as usual. But the heat us unbearable out there. Glad we went early though because they are closing the park at 11;30am this morning because the government is doing some missile testings today some time after noon. And they do not need people in the park while they are exploding missiles behind the National Park.






We left White Sands National Park about 10am to start our 10 hours drive to Flagstaff, AZ.

We stopped at Welcome to Arizona for some pictures and the heat from then on was unbearable as my car registered 120 degrees! The few places we stopped to look around and or take pictures was so hot we had to skip most of the places we wanted to stop at.

Next stop was Tonto National Monument to see the Cliff Dwellings. The park ranger said with a temperature of over 115 degrees, they close the trail to the Cliff Dweelings since that temperature is unsafe to hike that strenuous trail. So the trail is closed. Plus, the trail is mainly closed like almost all public places are being closed now around Arizona. So all we could do is take pictures of the Cliff Dwellings from the parking lot.


Best Picture I could get of the Cliff Dwellings from the parking lot.

Next stop was Roosevelt Lake Marina to look at the Roosevelt Lake Bridge, Theodore Roosevelt Dam and drive on the Apache Trail.
Roosevelt Lake Bridge was nice site to look at.

Theodore Roosevelt Dam was closed. One could only take pictures from afar.

The Apache Trail was also closed because of fire of fires and because most places in the National parks are being closed events ought we saw so many people camping by Lake Mary.


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You should be aware that the Navajo Nation is CLOSED this weekend. You can still drive through it but very little (if anything) will be open - the entire Dine reservation is under lockdown until Monday morning. The trading post at Cameron is shut down and most fuel spots will likewise be closed.

If you need any assistance or merely want to get together to break off some car antennas in Flag, feel free to shoot us an email at:


I can't forget that trip that we met each other in Banff in Canada. That was my best road trip ever. And to think I met you and your family there only after talking on the forum. It was really nice. I can't ever forget that as it has a lot of memories.

I have followed a lot of your trips on your website and I lost count. You are truly blessed to be able to be on the road with your family for some amazing adventures and still be able to work. If I had a job where I could work remotely like that, I too would love to be on the road more often. Are you still pulling that trailer?

Wow. You had a 40oz ribeye steak at Big Texan Steakhouse? I bet you didn't finish it. That is a lot of meat. Nice to know it was good though. I see they are open and allowing guests to sit and eat during this period, so I will definitely stop for a ribeye steak also. I am thinking if I should do that 72oz steak challenge or not. Still thinking...

I can finished 72 oz steak (Sirloin) no problem. I think I will have problem finished the side dishes. You need to finish a bowl of salad, a huge bake potato, bread/butter and fried Shrimp. All this in 1 hrs. Hence I opt not to do the challenge.

We do more overland trip now. I have a trailer with RTT. Our pop up camper is not used (I tow this camper to Banff/Jasper). I also got another rig, Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s being built as overland rig.

Looking at your schedule, we miss each other again. I’m planning a solo westbound trip to CO. Not sure to swing by Ouray/Telluride area, but I will be near Denver area. No actual plan yet as I will plan when I hit the road.
You should be aware that the Navajo Nation is CLOSED this weekend. You can still drive through it but very little (if anything) will be open - the entire Dine reservation is under lockdown until Monday morning. The trading post at Cameron is shut down and most fuel spots will likewise be closed.

If you need any assistance or merely want to get together to break off some car antennas in Flag, feel free to shoot us an email at:

Yes, I saw recently that the Navajo Nation would be closed. What a bummer. But not bad as I plan to see things from the road side. This stretch of my trip is a 5 hours drive (Flagstaff to Moab), but I think it will take me about 7 to 8 hours to complete it because of the many stops I am planning on doing. There is so much one can see from the road side.

The only bummer would be gas, but I realize there will be enough gas stations for me to refuel. Though my suv is horrible on gas, I have a 26 gallon tank gives me a poor 280 miles. Since I know there is no way I can drive for 280 miles without finding a gas station, that calms my worries that I can really run out of gas. Plus, I am making frequent stops to look at road side attractions. This is the stretch I would stop at very isolated places where you will normally never find a car stopped at. Just to get out and enjoy the scenery and the silence and peace of that area. I really enjoy that.

I wish you had contacted me earlier, we could have mad plans to atleast do Schnebly Trail together to get to Sedona.

I will go ahead and email you. It is 8am now and I am about to hit the road for the hour drive to Sedona and will spend the whole day there and return by 5pm. Tomorrow, I hit the road for Moab.
Schnebly Hill Road at Exit number 320 on I from Flagstaff.
We met soooooo many people and Jeeps on the Schnebly Hill Road. It was a fun drive in a very long convoy of almost 10 4x4s. And way too many side by sides.


5 miles into the trail, I noticed this family with what seems like a flat tire. We stopped and went to ask if they were OK and sure enough they had a flat on a brand new truck with street tires. They had a spare and the man was working on changing it while his wife and 2 daughters were being moral support. They were ok and so we left and continued.



We got to Schnebly Hill Vista and spent some time taking pictures and that is when this convoy of 4 loaded Jeeps, a Land Rover Discpvery and a FJ Cruiser came and met us. They got out to enjoy the scenery and I decided to wait for them so we all could tackle the worst part of the trail together. The rocks are very bad from here on to Sedona. Too bad I never aired down, but I was fast enough with a lot of bumps keeping up with the Jeeps. They were quiet fast, but I wanted to stay with the convoy and so went fast too to keep up. The traffic on that road was very heavy. So many cars I almost lost count.








At the end of the trail, a Mazda crossover was stuck at a small hill and could not get up. So one guys stopped and was trying to help him when our group got there. By now, our group was like over 10 cars long. The Jeeps were ahead. They picked a line and everybody put it in 4Lo for ease because the line was very steep and slippery. I made it through in 4Lo with no problem. Here we are when the first Jeep was about to take the line while the Mazda was there stuck and blocking the normal easy line.
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After offroading yesterday, it was time to stop for lunch. We were lucky to find a Mexican restaurant with dine in. So we sat and had a good lunch.

Next we went shopping at Tlaquepaque. From there, we went driving around to look at some attractions before heading out of town.
Chapel of the Holy Cross


Cathedral Rock

After a few more attractions, it was time to leave town. There was a lot of traffic as Sedona is packed full of visitors. Every single camp site is full. People sitting at tables, eating and truly having a good time. So many cars parked on the side of the road. So many tents by the river. No space to park. Long lines to get out of Sedona. But we finally made it back to Flagstaff for our final night there.
Today was a long drive from Flagstaff to Moab. A 5 hours drive that took me 8 hours to complete because of multiple stops along the way.

First stop was Sunset Crater Volcano. I got the chance to see the lava formations. Then met this couple who were very friendly and when we asked about their electric bikes, they were very informative and told us their bikes cost $1,000 brand new. A very good price for a brand new electric bike. Throughout my trip so far, I have seen quite a lot of people riding their electric bikes around. I may have to look into this brand this couple told me about. I will loom into it more. I doubt I would buy one but it doesn't hurt to look more into it and see.




Next stop Wupatki National Monument



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Today was another long day. Went to Canyonland National Park and Dead Horse State Park. Went offroading on Shaver switchbacks where I met a guy from Alaska in a Jeep. I asked him if I could please put my gopro on his Jeep so he can follow me and he was kind to say yes. For my trip down and back up Shaver swithcbacks. After that, it was a long and bumpy ride on Long Canyon Trail. Very scenic as usual.









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Saw you driving down Main Street in Ouray today. Me and my wife were enjoying a beer on the rooftop patio at Ouray Brewery. Great trip report so far. Hope it wasn’t too crowded on the passes around Ouray.
Took my time leaving Moab today for a nice and relaxing drive to Ouray. Had to stop for a last pic before leaving Moab.

It was a nice and relaxing drive as I flew my drone a bit.

When I was done flying, I landed my drone just where I met 3 FJCruisers in convoy for Ouray.

Got to Ouray and it was time for lunch at the best bbq place in town before hitting the trails.

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