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I feel it’s a 2500 version of a wrangler chassis and suspension, and that is not a bad thing.
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Surprising he didn't mic the axle shafts, he had them out, that would of been the most interesting measurement in the entire video. Axles tube diameter are just below what a D60 is, I believe those are 3.5" but not word of what the actual R&P size is.

What confused me is the comment about FF rear axle - it must be some sort of hybrid design since it doesn't allow the removal of the axle shaft with the wheel on like a traditional 1T pickup/Landcruiser. Looks like the axle has a flange that nests on the wheel studs to which the wheel is bolted? I *think* it's what is considered a 3/4FF axle but could be wrong there.

He's wrong when he says you "definitely" don't see them on smaller trucks, all the LC70's use them along with Nissan Patrol so it's not new territory in the global market, par for the course...but those other ones use the more traditional hub design that allows the removal of axle shaft without the wheel removal.

*Edit - just caught he did make a comment about axle size @ 32mm he "though", which is ~1.25" which very much in line with lower spec Jeeps which range from 1.24" (std. jeep) up to 1.41" (Rubicon)....they look bigger than that to my eye.
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