Arizona Adventures June 2024


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Spent some Saturdays last month in Central and Eastern Arizona in an attempt to escape the heat in the Phoenix area.
Beginning of the month was mountain biking the Schultz Creek area (fun trail), the following weekend I was back in the same general area (opposite side of the mountain) to hike the Bearjaw / Abineau trail then this weekend it was over to Eastern Arizona to hike Mt Baldy (just the eastern trail and you can't summit without permission from the tribe).

Schultz Creek area

Forest fire damage in the area

One of the other trails leading up to this area

Explored a little around the mountain after biking - going to return once the leaves start turning.



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Bearjaw / Abineau trail hike, your in the trees most of the time so not alot to look at.

Still some snow on the trail

A small avalanhce took out a part of the trail and the signage so it made trail finding a little fun. Ran into two ladies coming up from the other side who found the trail sign so we reset it the best we could.



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End of June I headed out after work on a Friday to drive about halfway to Mt Baldy in eastern Arizona to avoid a 4.5 hour drive on Saturday. It also gave me an opportunity to try out a new tent before some other trips later this year.

View from where the eastern and western trails cross over and the highest you can hike without getting permission from the tribe to summit Mt Baldy.


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Just a short way before the trailhead parking lot I heard my first crack of thunder and it started raining about 10 minutes later. Had I hiked the western trail and the crossover trail I would've been stuck in a down pour.

Spent sometime exploring the area after the rain had past.

Sunrise Lake

View from the other side of the lake.

Opted to head back to the Phoenix area in the afternoon in lieu of camping since more storms were forecasted in the evening. When I left the area the temperature gauge in my truck was saying the outside temperature was 58*F and once back in the Phoenix area it was reading 108*F. Started wishing I that I would've spent the night to enjoy the cooler weather. Oh, another time.

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