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Yesteryear I bought a large nylon duffel from Cabelas called the Ripcord.

It is OK, but has no stiffeners on the base, and just a straight zipper on top.
I just received my new Overland Journal Gear issue Friday.
Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Magazine: Overland Journal
The Gear issue is chalk full of cool stuff for camping/overlanding/expedition type stuff.
Well any issue is, but this one focuses a little more on the subject.

Inside the new issue is a good article on duffel bags.
I found a good one made in the USA called Bad Bags.
BAD BAGS Adventure and Travel Luggage - The Best American Duffel Made

The one that was reviewed has the horseshoe type zipper on top allowing you to access the contents of your duffel much better than a traditional straight zipper.


Has anyone heard of this company?
I think I am going to order one from them.
These are the design I am looking at, just a carry one.
I do not need one with wheels on it.


I will have to measure my current one, and pick one from this outfit just a tad smaller.
I found the large Ripcord one to be just a little to big for my needs, even for packing for one week I still had a lot of extra room left over.

The Bad Bags design I am looking at also have compression straps on it.
It received a very good review in the Journal.


OverCamping Specialist
Went with the #4 one above.

Made in the US of A, and also made in Seattle, only 25 miles from me.
Time to support the local economy here.

He was glad to hear about how I found his company too via the Journal :victory:

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