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About a week ago I was sitting around the house, bored out of my skull. When that happens I usually end up buying some new piece of kit off the internet machine. I opened up the latest (2009) OJ Gear Issue and the BAD Bag caught my eye. With seven of us in the family, clothing storage is always an issue. Usually we end up using whatever gym bags, old suitcases, paper grocery bags we can find. I was contemplating purchasing a bunch of Pelican cases, one for each member of the family but didn't like the constraints of storage being defined by the perimeters of the hard shell cases. Not that Pelicans aren't great, they have their uses, but they just didn't seem to fit my requirements for this purpose.

Enter BAD Bags. Jonathan Hanson was spot on when he said Malcolm Vetterlein himself would probably answer the phone when you call. Malcolm is a very nice guy to chat with and his customer service goes above and beyond. Production was one day behind so he offered to pay for shipping. I declined and said it was no problem to wait. Three days later there was a small FedEx box waiting for me when I got home. I was a little concerned, thinking, "Hey! I had ordered the #4 bag, not the #1.5 gym bag size!!"

As I unfolded the bag, I was impressed to say the least. This huge bag was able to compress to such a small size! It was indeed the #4 bag. The quality of the bag is exactly as described in the 2009 OJ Gear Issue. I was curious as to how much crap I could stuff into the bag. There were a couple loads of clean towels on the couch waiting to be folded (a hint from my wife...). I managed to stuff no less than 1-1/2 loads of towels into the bag - we are a family of 7 mind you, so our towel loads aren't small.

Malcolm definitely has my future business. I plan on ordering 6 more of these bags, one for each of the remaining members of my family. No sir, no more paper grocery bags for us.:victory:
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Cool, you need to add it to your camping gear review thread. I'm constantly reading it!:coffee:
Will do, thanks.
Glad some can benefit from that thread.

I need to test the new duffel here by stuffing it with clothing and gear I had put in the Cabelas one last year.
This new bag is so much nicer, and well worth the money.

I have lots more gear to test out this coming season too, which I will add to that thread.


Cabelas Extreme Duffel

I have two of these. They're huge, careful of exceeding airline size/weight restrictions, if you're flying you only half fill them. The wheels are what really did it for me. I've driven a few hundred miles in rain w/ this in the bed of my truck and everything stayed perfectly dry.

This is a new style, mine don't have the roll down seal, they just use a dry-suit zipper. With the roll now they could probably be submerged :D
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I was in the market for a new duffle as well and hey presto... there's a review in my latest OJ! I picked up the BAD Bag #4, used it on a trip to Sedona this weekend and like it very much.

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Thanks for the plug, Steven!

B.A.D. (and Filson) prove it's still possible to buy the best equipment you could want, made in the U.S.A.

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