Baja in a Dodge b1500 van with 2 dogs


I thought I'd catch you up on the last 2 months driving through #baja on my own in an old conversion van.
I'll add photos to start but will add info later on routes and beaches found. Oh, and my radiator died at Coco's Corner, limped it to Bahia de Los Angeles then towed to Guerrero negro.


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I love taking my dog on road trips with me, but the hard part is knowing what to do with him when I'm doing activities that aren't very dog-friendly.

What did you do with your dog while kayaking? I would feel terrible if I left my Milo in a hot car for several hours. Please share any tips you might have about this!



with the dogs, it's a matter of timing. Go out before too hot. Park in the shade, good ventilation in the van with screens on open doors and windows so they can't get out. I learned that the young one is very protective of the van so she scares off anyone coming to check it out. I tend not to leave them for more than a couple of hours. It's limited what I can do but so worth it.

The van's been great. It's taken me from the Southwest to Northeast, to the Northwest a few times, across to LA area, and now here. 50,000 miles in about 5 years. Very few problems although the front end had issues to start with and then this trip the radiator died. I'd asked my mechanic in NM to replace it last summer but he wouldn't, said it was fine. Ugh! The repairs weren't too bad but the stress of being towed with the two dogs in the van and me in the tow truck, plus hotel and eating out costs brought it up. Oh well.

If anyone has specific questions about places, I'll get back to you. Not online too often but I have a casita rental for a few weeks so internet is better now.

Onwards with more beach photos, and yes, less stuff bought means I can stay longer! The balance of time/money, right?


Bahia de los Angeles, BC.

I loved staying there...although that was before getting towed to Guerrero Negro. Set up with a group, the Baja Tour with Frank L. They took me in when I got sick, helped me find a tow truck, hung out together over coffee and snorkelled. Definitely bring your snorkel gear, a bicycle, and kayak. I've used them all and I wish I had a surf board, but you'll have to wait for that bit!

We camped at Campo Archelon, about $10 per day, internet at the restaurant, their coffee is good. I wish I'd bought more to take along with me. The local dogs are mostly fine but a few were ************ with my dogs. Still, I'd go back. Town was a 5 min bike ride.

I can't upload most of my photos, saying they're too large. Let me see what I can do.


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we camped at Bahia de Los angeles last year. awesome spot. among countless others down there. headed back in April to get into Baja Sur.

I'd love a place in Alfonsina (midway between San Felipe and Bahia de LosAngeles)

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