Budget VW T3 Conversion


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Hey fellow adventurers and DIY enthusiasts!

I recently transformed a rough Volkswagen T3 van into a budget-friendly camper and wanted to share my experience with you.

I bought the van for 800 EUR, despite its corrosion, exhaust issues, and worn-out seats. The conversion process involved removing the rear benches, building a flat wooden floor, and covering it with carpet. I spent about 400 EUR on the conversion, focusing on essential fixes.

IMG_20190714_122759 (Large).jpg
IMG_20190714_122916 (Large).jpg
IMG_20190714_152602 (Large).jpg
IMG_20190715_181550 (Large).jpg
IMG_20190715_192500 (Large).jpg

I faced challenges like finding a suitable exhaust muffler and dealing with the van's issues. My takeaway is that it's often better to invest in a van in better condition, even if it costs more upfront.

I'm now working on upgrades like a rooftop tent, reinstalling a bench seat, and adding more amenities. I plan to keep posting updates about the rooftop tent and other improvements, so stay tuned! I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions on my project, and I'm looking forward to connecting with others who share similar interests. Let's inspire and learn from one another!

Happy adventuring!


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Very cool! That will be a fun adventure vehicle for a good price!

Have you considered doing a westfalia pop-top conversion vs adding a roof tent? It's pretty unique that it's a factory option for these, already made, and possible to find on wrecked vans, but I imagine a really big project.


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@casioqv well I already made most of a roof tent some interior left to be done, so I am not going to change approach now.
Few pictures.
IMG_20210227_130915 (Large).jpg

you can see more with descriptions on expedition.ninja

@Lajning yap you can find more of them in Bosnia and Herzegovina for example link (to get approximate price in EUR just divide amount by 2). However, it will be hard to bring it to a state that will allow you to register it anyway else.

Sad thing in my case is that when I bought it (2019) there was a syncro in much better state for about 1500 EUR I can not recall exact amount. However I did not have money at that time. They now cost much more.
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I’m a ACVW fanatic, have a love for any bus. I first saw your first post minutes after you posted but got hung up somewhere else. Great score on the bus, and quick progress too, congrats!


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So I found some time to upload few more images

IMG_20200727_194557 (Large).jpg
so this is roof rack and wooden frame in open position
IMG_20200727_194635 (Large).jpg
here you can se that when opened tent will actually overhang Van

IMG_20200727_202907 (Large).jpg
here it is in closed position
IMG_20200801_152812 (Large).jpg
my first welding ever this is going to become pivoting point
IMG_20200801_174032 (Large).jpg
testing rotation of wooden frame
cutting opening in roof of van (red part if part of van roof) [I would much larger opening if]

IMG_20210227_131018 (Large).jpg
you can see two wooden poles to open and close tent. it is a two person job but it takes few second to open tent, little bit more to close

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