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How does the tent mount to the canopy? I’m guessing there are brackets that attach to the crossbars that are mounted to the canopy? Could you post some pictures of the mounting points and the rails that come with the tent? Trying to figure out how I would go about mounting one to our canopy. I got a RLD canopy and would ideally like to mount it directly to the canopy if possible. Thanks!

Sorry totally missed this question. I think the only elements that come with the tent are clamp like brackets which are pretty common with all RTT which you traditionally attach to load bars. Everything else is extra. There are some mounting solutions here:

I use the Z bars which bolt to the top channel of my alucab load bars and then bold to the vertical bars underneath the tent.


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Any comments about the ladder? I’m looking at this tent and Alu-cab 3.1. This will be my first RTT. Living in Oregon… my RTT selection keeps getting more expensive due to wanting to stay dry and warm in the winter.
Thanks for this thread.
Thanks for the reply. I’ve only had fiberglass rt tents and all were Autohome. Airtop, Maggiolina extreme and my current Columbus. All beyond great but Im looking to switch things up a bit. I like the roominess, strength and the ability to attach stuff on the ax27 and I camp all year round. I’m curious how fiberglass vs aluminum thermal conductivity will be in extreme winter/summer? I camp in Moab when hot and in Colorado winters when cold and snowy.
I have camped with my Bush Company tent in Moab in August and in Winter here in the PNW and never had an issue. Yes the aluminum on the outside will get Hot or Cold but the carpeting on the roof panel was always enough to keep things comfortable.

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