C10 to K20 Project: The Green Truck


Putting the G in RGB

Thanks Mccustomize, that's the one I found as well. I am not quite ready to pay that much, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it. Calling some junk yards is on my to-do list this week.

You are going to love the BDS springs...

here is my front set-up with BDS springs and dual Bilsteins...:)

Nice looking setup Chilliwak, how do you like the Bilsteins? I am probably purchasing those too!

So today I brought my first replacement parts home. I found an 14 bolt axle on craigslist that included the springs and wheels for a good price. For an even better price, I convinced the guy to sell me just the springs, spring hardware, and steel wheels. I don't know if I said it, but I am planning on keeping the stock steel wheels with some skinny 33" tires. I only had 4, so now I have a couple spares.


They are 56" springs from a c20, not sure of the year. They have 8 leaves, so I believe they rated at 1950lb capacity, or the softest springs available for a c20. I'll stick a link to the chart I pulled that info from under this paragraph. The stock springs this k20 came with (not including the extra "ambulance" springs) were 52" with 6 leaves, and judging by the other options, i am guessing they were the lower rated of the two 6 leaf options listed on that chart.


So I have gained a bit of capacity, but but still have relatively soft and now longer springs. Hopefully that helps my wheel travel a bit and leaves me with a decent ride.

While waiting for the gentleman to show up in a tiny town in Arkansas, this scary looking 3-legged dog hobbled down the middle of the street.


Feral meerkat is what my wife called it.
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