campsite pics..lets see um


Lets see your campsite pics, I like seeing how people organize their home away from home and it gives me ideas for my own setup.


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I go for the KISS approach - the less that's out, the later I can sleep in.

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This is my best set up yet. But it's for a longer stay in one place which I normally don't like to do.

That's my buddy Jerry and his stock Zuk. goes.....

My truck.........

Jerry's Day Screen with tarp floor......

Jerry's Tent.......

Jerry's Zuk.........

I sleep in my truck so I pull it up just under the edge of the day screen to help keep the dew or rain out of my truck. My tailgate becomes a table for the day screen area.

This is way too overdone for me. Normally I just stop at the end of the day at the best place I can find....sleep in my truck....then head out the next morning when I'm ready. But because of this...I can pack up and be off in under 5 min.


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This is my medium set up..........


and this is my travel lite mode..........
I now have matching silver tarp baby!.....:elkgrin:



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Here are a few shots.

One is from a wet 3 day stay on the Pacific coast (Queen Charlotte Islands), with poly tarp over a tent, and Kelty 'Sunshade' over the table. More recently I've been using a Kelty Noah 12 tarp (diamond wing) over the dining area.

Another is from a forest service site above Telluride (Alta Lakes), again, rainy weather. In this case the 2 of us slept in the Element, and I rigged a wing tarp (MSR Vista Wing) over the adjacent table. I have also used a Kelty 'Carport' awning over the side of the Element.

The third is from a multiday stay in the Bella Coola valley of BC. Here I used a large 4 man tent for sleeping, and large tarp (Walrus Aerotarp 150) over the dining area. In this case, the tarp served more to keep needles out of the food, rather than keeping rain out. This was our base camp, with day trips up lightly used forestry roads into the surrounding mountains.

The fourth is from a forest service camp at Harts Pass in Washington. This site had just been reopened after a forest fire a couple of years ago. With clear, bug free weather, camp setup was minimal - just cooking gear on the table during meals, and sleeping in the car. The Element served as a nice deer watching blind in the morning.

I try to keep the kitchen gear simple and compact. One 8 gal Rubbermaid box holds the stove set (Trangia alcohol) and pans, and other gear. Another box holds food, mostly dry and canned. A small cooler holds mostly lunch stuff. Sometimes I'll add another Rubbermaid with a small dutch oven and related gear. At night this all gets stashed back in the car, or on the roof rack.



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Setting up day camp near some dunes in Moab:


And my oldest boy near our `secret' camp spot, with soft sand and inside a wide slot:
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Joel, is that a little 50cc leaned against your 'Runner? What a fun bring-a-long!

Scott, you're oldest wee man looks like he's having a ball. He's adorable. Must take after his Mom....


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SinCity4r said:
Sure is! :ylsmoke:


Who needs jerry cans or auxillary tanks when you have an on board 50?!? :jump:

A couple from some recent outings. Two from Bull Lake on the Wind River Indian Reservation with my cousin and his 4Runner. The second two are from my Utah trip -


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Photo 1:
This is the multi-day set-up. For short stays we don't set up the screen house, we just set up a stove and table under the side awning.
Photo 2: This is the outside kitchen setup, usually setup under the screen house. For short stays we leave all this in the truck. The gear in the kitchen boxes is accessible from inside the truck.
Photo 3: The kitchen boxes stowed in the truck, gear is accessible if you remove the slide on side covers.

Oct 2004 hunting tripsmall.jpgIMG_0448small.jpgIMG_0447small.jpg

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Here's a couple I have on my hard drive from a couple of falls ago on a campsite on Lake Superior.


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