campsite pics..lets see um


Canyon of the Ancients area of Utah about a month ago. Camped up on top of a mesa with an amazing view.


(Sorry, not sure why I have "double pics")


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Clear Lake, (waaaay) above Silverton, Colorado. 16°F, 12,200 feet of elevation, and just a screen tent? That's why God invented fire. :coffeedrink:
An incredible picture from one of the most beautiful areas in the San Juans. Really great stuff!!


There is quite a mix of minimalists all the way to the other extreme in this thread. We tend to be on the lighter side, getting away with our kitchen box, small folding table, chairs, tent, 3.5" REI mattresses, an awning as well as our mountain bikes.


With a 3 month old added to the mix, wife and I have contemplated getting some kind of RV, but when it comes down to it, it's hard to beat the efficiency of throwing our camp boxes in the 4Runner and going wherever we want without the limitations of towing offroad and dealing with 55 mph towing speedlimits in California. I used to have a Toyota pickup with a Fourwheel Pop Up camper, but hated taking the unit on and off the truck and equally hated leaving it on the truck fulltime. Worse yet, it seems the moment we would get to camp and get everything leveled and in camping mode, we would want to drive somewhere. Never again will I own an RV that can't be disconnected from the main vehicle. We have looked at everything from tent trailers & A-liners to jumping jack/RTT style trailers and hardsided RPods...nothing really seems to check all of our boxes. So until that time, we seem to be doing okay with our basic setup.


Those A-Liners are pretty light and would be fun to outfit for Overlanding......i.e. Lift, suspension, sliders.....etc

Not to mention the construction quality seems a little nicer than regular tent trailers. I have difficulty understanding why 2015 tent trailers still use golden oak wood veneer from the 1990s. If you're going to use veneer over particle board, why not use a veneer like black zebra wood or something that actually looks decent? And incandescent bulbs everywhere, seriously? LED bulbs are cheap.

Anyways, perhaps if A-liner made an offroad version that sat a little taller and had a small platform on the front for firewood and a cooler (like some of the tent trailer models), it might work.


^^ Now that's funny. Looks like the new model just checked every box I mentioned in my previous post. Dang it, now I have the 'wants' all over again.

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