Can you change headlight style on 2013 E350?


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I have a 2013 E350 passenger van and already changed the grill to a black one. I would like to change the headlights to the black trimmed ones with the rectangular 5x7 headlights like you see on cargo vans.
After ordering the black trim bezel and the 5x7 lights, I now realize that when I remove the current fixtures, there probably isn't anywhere to mount the 5x7 rectangular lights to. Has anyone ever converted their headlights?
I first thought this would be a quick and easy swap but now am worried that there is a lot more involved.


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Sounds like a trip to the salvage yard, find a cargo E350, see how it is fabricated, buy the parts you don't have on your van. Then, disassemble yours, cut out what you don't need, install what you do need.

I've had E series vans, I looked up the 2013, E 350, seems headlights are basically the same, chrome for passenger, XL, XLT, black for cargo, I really doubt that Ford would make mounting headlights a complicated matter.

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