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So I have a Wilson Cell Booster that I am getting ready to install. I am going to make it moveable from a travel trailer to a truck. I am looking for antenna recommendations. It came from the factory with a small magnetic antenna.

On the travel trailer should I go with the standard booster antenna:
Wilson Drive OTR Antenna: OTR Antenna

Also recommendations for the truck antenna.


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I would stick with what you have. I have several of these devices and have found little to no benefit by changing the antenna.


Cool - I want to set the booster up to move between the truck and travel trailer. I would guess that the 4” magnetic antenna is effective as other options.

in most cases size does make a difference with antennas.


in most cases size does make a difference with antennas.
Generally yes but in this case a 1/4λ to cover the lowest frequencies (bands 13/28 on Verizon, for example, are 700 MHz) is 4 inches tall so physical length isn't difficult to achieve practically.

The biggest problem is interference and obstructions around them. That's why some antennas you see have a long mast with a big can on top, like that OTR. The antenna is still just the short can part, the mast is designed to elevate it above sheet metal and roof racks.

It could be worthwhile but not absolutely required if you're using a surface free of stuff, like a plain, flat roof. If you're not, like you have a roof rack and RTT and fuel cans then it could help.


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I've been trying to find a 12v booster that covers B66 ---- my cel uses that the most. It's a newer band and nobody seems to cover it.

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