CES Show unveils portable “microwave cookery” bag, battery operated


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This is kinda weird but kinda cool!

This small battery operated ’cooking bag’ might actually be useful for overlanders looking for another easy way to re-heat and low temp cook food, without using too much power. It’s small and lightweight and stowable (especially great for owners of over weight Taco camping setups).

It sounds like it works best if you pre-cook food before leaving town, and then use this to heat it back up once you’re ready to have dinner.

“The bag works thanks to a patented e-fabric lining that generates intense and consistent temperatures, powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

Wearers simply put their food in a Tupperware, slip it in the bag, zip it up, then use a smartphone app to choose the heat setting….(and) can carry on strolling as it cooks thanks to a cotton and aluminium outer layer that shields them from the heat.”

“Tokyo-based Willtex said it aims to release the product in the UK in May and it will be available on Amazon priced between £120 to £150. The bag can reach 90C in ten minutes and 130C in double that, with a maximum temperature of 250C. A normal microwave in comparison has an average cooking temperature of 100C.

Once food is heated, the layers of insulation mean that even if the device is switched off the item can remain at 60C for two hours.

The key to its consistency is that every individual thread is heated, meaning it heats perfectly evenly across the material.

A fully charged battery can heat for up to eight hours.”

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I wonder how precise the temperature control is, and what the power consumption profile looks like. Could be perfect for "sous vide" type cooking during transit between camps. Imagine arriving at camp after a 6 hour drive and having a perfectly done steak that just needs to be quickly seared or a smoked pork butt ready for pulling... :D

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