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@Rube2K6 I was thinking the same. And then I thought “is it, though?” My Chaser doesn’t have a rear mounted spare/swing out. And what does that weight? And this is 48” long overall which means more than a third of the weight is over or in front of the axel as compared to the spare and swing out which is all aft.

Maybe I will hate it. If so, I can sell it. These move quickly and I have Jack into it.

If I can put my kitchen plus into it, then I can put light gear on top and it’s all good
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Adventurer- Toyota Nut
Trying this out… not sure I am sold on it yet and will probably take a few trips to decide if it is an overall positive or negative.

I found a Weatherguard 336-3 a few weeks ago (see back a page) and against some better judgment, I decided to clean it up and mount it in the Chaser.


It’s a ton of usable and accessible space. It is also heavy, and because of the tailgate latches, it requires mounting directly center of the box. This limits the size of the items that can fit on either side of the box. I removed a section of the center rib to fit a Coleman stove and some cast iron toward the front of the drawer and retained the smaller compartments to the back.
There is enough room in front of the box for a few Wolf Pack sized tubs

A pair of ratchet straps secures it for now. If it works out, I will thru bolt it.


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I remember when these first came out, I wanted so badly haha. I flirted with a few M1101's but it was short lived and I agree, if you can adapt some of the hand brakes to your Chaser I think that would be a worthy venture. I would also consider an adjustable hitch or riser extension so that you can get the trailer level. I love the 100 btw, the only series I have yet to own.


Adventurer- Toyota Nut
@Tex68w I recall @Scott Brady dragging one through the Arctic Circle behind his Tacoma and I wanted one so badly. But money was tight and I built Homer instead. It served us well and now has gone to a new owner that is giving it some real love again.

Just returned from MOORE in Springfield l’ Missouri and #14 was a hit. Same sentiment as you expressed. Lots of folks remember seeing them online but never in person. I am still working on sorting out the matching wheels. Might need to source a different set of adapters. If anyone has a used set of Jeep TJ to 5x150 (Toyota Land Cruiser), hit me up.



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