Cheap 12/24 volt and 120/240volt fridge


I have a line on several used military fridges that run on 12/24/120/240 volts DC/AC. The are solid state, meaning no internal moving components.

made by Thermopol Inc, modle M-30TR

let me know if anyone is interested. I have to buy them all it I want one. I would resell them fro $100-$200 depending upon how many people are interested.

Here are a few links for more info about them. This is not where I am getting them from, just usefull info., BIOLOGICALS_HANDBOOK_INSERT_STARTUP.pdf



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100 bucks isn't bad but comes down to how many bottles or cans of liquid refreshner can you put in one ?
and how "used" are they


I have not inspected them yet, but from the photos I have seen, they look to be in great condition. I will not buy them if they are all beat up. I need to decide soon if I will buy them so let me know if you want one. I am in south western VA but I travel alot to areas within a days drive of home.


I have no problems shipping these out as long as you are willing to pay for shipping.

they are:

Height (Inches) 18
Width (Inches) 26
Length (Inches) 17
Weight 45 lbs

I am not sure how much shipping will be.

I am not looking to make a big profit on these or trying to start a bussiness. I am just trying to save some money by orginizing a group buy basically. I would have to buy them all and then resell them though, so there would be no warranty or returns. All I can do is garuntee that if they do not work, I will not buy them.


I suspect it would be around 165 a piece for 10 of them. But the price that I will pay has not be set yet. I will know for sure by 07/13/11, but I have to know right then if I will buy them. If I do not buy them on the spot, I am passed over and the next guy gets a chance.


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The amp draw and the relatively large volume that is wasted don't make this an attractive fridge for those of us that are space conscious. I wish the dimensions were smaller and the amp draw better, if that was the case I would take a bunch from you, and I'm local as well...



So I just found out that these units will not come with the power cords or backup battery packs. Therefore, I will not be purchasing them . If anyone is still interested, I found another guy online who sells them for $199 plus shipping. I think he only has 5 left though. Send me a PM for his info if you want it. I don’t have it right now, otherwise I would just post it here.

Thanks for your interest and comments.
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