Checking out a 1017a soon what should I look for


Long story short.
This was originally owned by the US military.
I believe it was brought over as a vehicle to evaluate replacing the 1960-1980s era 2.5 and 5.0 ton military vehicles.

Prior to purchase I found an article that stated 6 were originally brought over in 1993. This is the second one that I have seen in person that started life with the US military.

This was sold to me as a 1993 model and I would like to verify that information as soon as possible.

I cannot find much information online but I would like to verify the year.

Wondering if you guys in Europe and else where can see more than I can find out here. (USA) The Mercedes dealers cannot even validate the year or get a data card for it.

If anybody can get a data card or any build info and the year it was made that would be truly appreciated.

The attached PDF has been the most helpful resource I've been able to find so far

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Our 917 AF was a 1993 chassis, I am almost certain the 1017 and 1217 were available too (according to the sales brochure that came with the truck. There was a 6 speed manual available for for the 1993 917AF although I have never heard of anyone with one. They all seem to be the 5 speed that has a huge gap between 3rd and fourth.
Even with high speed axles 55mph is all you can hope to cruise at.
They are great trucks that will get a lot of people excited to see you. You will need to do a lot of wrenching yourself. You will need patience and a good internet connection, and a healthy repair savings account.

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I honestly know next to nothing about Mercedes MED-HD trucks, but know about DOD testing of equipment because of designs I have done for them. They beat the living crap out of equipment!!!

I would try to find specifically, a Mercedes truck mechanic to help you!

What may seem like a minor issue... Could be a deal killer!


I guess one good thing is it started off as a water tanker so it's very unlikely it was used for much joyriding. The last few years it supported a rural fire Department. It only has about 12,000 km

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