COVID prices .. just me ?


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The change in demand is real, though. In the last six weeks I've had people knock on my door twice to ask if the van in my driveway was for sale. I gave the answer I always give, which is "Yes", but the price reflects what it would cost me to replace it in the current market. They're always surprised I'm not willing to sell it for less and just not have the thing...


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dont get too excited about prices dropping much just yet,,, appears we are starting a second run on toilet paper.
nailed it. a vaccine for front line workers is likely a year away. A veccine for you or I, 2-3 years away. Canada was doing well until last month, but with a sudden surge in cases, the EU has just banned Canadians from travelling there...... No USA for Canadas snowbirds..... No option of Europe..... Domestic travel will likely hit a peak this winter.

Honestly, this is the point to sell that RV..... and in 5 years buy it back for 10 cents on the dollar. As soon as the world opens back up to international travel.... prices for RVs might, might plummet..... unless people like the domestic lifestyle more. No doubt, COVID is changing the world. Throw in climate change plus economics shifting away from fossil fuel..... anything is possible.
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Its a pure sellers market.
If you're in a position where you don't need your "overlander" or van you should go for it.
My situation was I just got done travelling before covid hit, was planning on international travel. Posted my van in December with only low balls and 1 decent offer.
I waited 5 months and saw the van market explode. I decided to repost and was able to get 30% more than original price and had constant offers.
A lot of people just learning with how to get on the road this year and the influx of new campers turned me away from going back on the road so I decided to take the money and wait for things to get better.
If you're buying during this market I feel for you. I could barely find myself a 4x4 truck without fighting people. It's hard out there peeps.


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The market is absolutely out of control but a great time to be a seller. Just as I am starting to look at picking up our next rig and then this happens, sucks for me as a buyer haha. Looks like I might put things off for another year or more until things settle back out and people start liquidating these things for a quarter of what they paid now.


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It’s a little nuts. Find a good fabricator and start a business! Buy soccer mom SUV from ATL throw some kit on it and triple your money?


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I've also noticed: take a nice truck. Combine with nice flatbed camper, VOILA! Both just appreciate by 35%! Seriously in this environment you are best served to buy new or rebuild from bare bones. I'm seeing almost zero depreciation in diesel trucks.

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I have a friend that works for bonhams. He said there are a lot of very optimistic people that think the orange man will get re-elected. They want convertibles, sports cars to cruise. Buyers from all categories, budgets.

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