Crawler/Overlander Yj Build-up

Willy G

Well, with a heavy heart, I have a small update. My shop was broken into Monday night some time. Tuesday after work, I got myself some dinner and headed to the shop to find my safe had been torched, using my own torch, and friends stuff and my tools had been stolen. I've been broken into before so I called some friends over for support and got the shop locked down. Only to find out that they came back to rob me again Wednesday night. My stuff was secure, but the stole some other tenants stuff. We fixed the other weak link in the doors. It will probably be a while until I post and update on the jeep. Its hard to build stuff without tools. :rolleyes: :mad:


So, here are some things to mention.

1. Occasionally take pictures of your stuff and back it up. Take pictures/write down all of your tool serial numbers. I had most of the stuff written down.
2. Steel Recycle places wont accept a used safe. I bribed them by taking some scrap steel just to give it away.
3. A blanket tenant insurance policy will not cover any vehicles/motorcycles that are stolen. That is a separate policy.

Willy G

January has been a heck of a year.

Turns out I was robbed closer to 4 times, but the local police department was able to nab this dude a week after the last break-in!! While some of the tools where returned, I'm still missing a lot of stuff.

Update on the Build. I acquired a HI pinion 10" 3rd Member/ ARB and proceeded to take it apart to be cleaned.


Here is the difference between a Stock 3.73 Dana 60 Pinion and the 5.43 HI-10 Pinion.


Then the 4X4 club tubing order came in and I went and picked it up! Hopefully this week I'll be changing some tubing around in the Jeep.


Willy G

It's still to cold in the shop, but I've been toiling away at things over the weekend. Saturday I got to work with the plasma cutter and made the floor into a convertible, and I still need to cut the rear section for the driveshaft. Then I benched pressed the atlas in there. I'll need to persuade the rest of the trans tunnel with a hammer when I take it out.


After that I finished cutting off the front frame support to make way for the power steering box and tided up the frame. I'll extend the front axle in the future.

Then, I found out that I need to cut up the new radiator since I moved the motor over 2 inches. The fan will hit the lower radiator hose, for now. 72.jpg No, I'm not just going to put an electric fan on it.

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