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Considering picking up a custom leaf pack for my 2020 Titan. I'm running the Icon/Nissan suspension which comes with a 1" rear lift block, the Pro4x also has a factory lift block so I figure custom leafs will probably ride a bit better if I can pull those out and replace the height with actual suspension. I'm running a relatively light ovrlnd camper but also throw the xt225 with a hitch rack on fairly often.

Question is how does this work? What measurements do I need?

If I had a Tundra or a Tacoma or F series it seems pretty easy to find something but for the good ole Titan it looks like this will be a custom endeavor from Alcan or Deaver etc.


I just installed a set of Alcans on our F250. I provided them with and weights. Loaded our truck would sag over 2". I wanted it to sit level loaded. I also wanted to delete the 3" block the factory installed. The built me a 10 least progressive pack to replace the factory 2 leaf with 2 overloads. They were very helpful and did exactly what I asked. The truck rides so much better.

You may need to get measurements for the actual spring since the Titan is uncommon. Eye to eye, eye to center pin, width, bolt sizes, and bushings. I'm sure the spring company can help your with that stuff. Choose the spring company closest to you because shipping them is expensive. Our springs are 141lbs each.


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I had Deavers on my Tacoma, and learned that progressive springs need to be spec’d for your fully loaded weight, because mine were not quite as heavy duty as they should’ve been for a fully loaded trip. they were, however, awesome springs off-road, and did well loaded as long as I had my rear Timbrens in.

For my Tundra with the Ovrlnd, I asked my builder (SDHQ here in Phoenix) to spec springs for 1000 pounds in the bed of the truck, not just a certain payload number. These are also Deavers and I’ve been very happy with them. They take all the weight I can throw at them and perform extremely well both on and off road.

FWIW in your case, I don’t know, but the item number from Deaver was U748K and it was described on my invoice as a heavy duty expo, pack with bushings and U-bolts, needing a three-quarter inch shackle.

I would suggest giving both Deaver and Alcon a call. When I talked to Deaver in the past, they’ve been extremely helpful. also depending on what’s available where you live, there are often local custom spring shops that do extremely good work in many cases. You might find someone in your area like that and they can take a look at your rig and help you decide what to do.


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I have Icon and they have modularity which is great, but if you want customized I'd talk with Deaver. They can make just about anything you ask. If not you could always talk with a local spring/suspension shop about it. Basically everything @dstefan said.


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I did custom with Alcan too. Custom weight, lift height over factory, etc. They arched the springs for 2" of lift vs. factory without blocks. Going from a factory spring with 2" factory block to a custom spring 2 additional inches higher without blocks made a big improvement. Axle hop is where I notice it most, especially accelerating uphill through washboard turns. Gains are smaller everywhere else, but the gains are there too.

Springs ended up being 146 lbs each, and had to pick them up from a FedEx freight depot. If I was anywhere near Grand Junction, I would have had Alcan do the install. Their rate was more than reasonable, and the tax would have been more than offset by the lack of shipping costs.

Depending upon your setup, you could end up with custom rear springs for around $1500, and another $350 for install. Pretty sure the spring price included the replacement U bolts too. You don't want to reuse them.

Deaver may be better if you're closer to California as that is where I think they are located. No experience with their service/product though.


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Data your spring manufacturer SHOULD be asking you for....

-What vehicle are you working on?
-Overall weight ( under the tire measurement for the end you are building springs for)
-Un-sprung weight ( weight of your axle and tire/wheel package )
-Pictures of the current shackle setup ( shackle angle plays into effective spring rate curve )
-Shock travel
-Shock up-travel from ride height
-What kind of ride quality and load capacity are you looking for?
-Target loaded arch measurement for the spring ( how much 'lift' you want )

There are also a lot of other details like eye configuration, leaf width, spring clamp location, etc.

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