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Watching the DAKAR Rally on Peacock, if you think we have magnificent rock formations in the Western U.S. check out those in Saudi Arabia, looks like another planet.

Biggest issue this year seems to be flat tires, that rocky desert is chewing them up.


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Yeah, the terrain is out of this world. I've been watching lot's of videos of the moto's this year.

I've been enjoying this guy's daily updates with sweet videos.

I'm rooting for team Honda, and was heartbroken when Mason Klein on the Kove had to pull out. So much drama with Mason and his field fixes.


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For some reason I can't copy and paste here, but the cars have really changed over the years. Back in the day most were rail buggies and Baja Bugs or modified rally cars usually found at other rallies. Today, most all the cars are custom, fully enclosed, they appear to be similar to a Porshe 908 raised 16/18 inches, GT class taken to off roading.

I can't imagine beating myself black and blue jarring every bone in my body racing a Quad in this rally, Bikes I enjoy and I'm sure are less work than tossing a Quad around.

Pay attention to the 2wd cars, which should answer the classic question on this site; Do I need 4wd for overlanding? (No, you don't)

The landscape is beautiful, rugged, barren and dangerous.


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Nice article about the father daughter team in the old 911. Love to see the 2wd guys, 911's, mini's, vw's, Ford Capri and others were great rally cars. Always wanted to do the Dakar and Pikes Peak Rallies, but when I was young enough I was also broke and busy enough to keep me away.


What day was that?
12 Dakar wins (most successful manufacture sponsored team) 1985, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - also 150 stage wins during these years. By domination I mean second place is Peugeot with 78 stage wins.

Mitsubishi as a company sponsored vehicle, was active in Dakar from 1983 through 2009.

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