Danner Mountain Light II - An on-going review


So these bad boys are on sale on Amazon for $199 (14M only), just ordered myself a pair a couple of days ago. Awsome price, most expensive shoe I ever bought, but its an awsome Christmas gift for myself.


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Another Danner MTLII fan here.

I have 2 pairs as I rotate them regularly.

I put a lot of desert miles on my boots, and I am VERY HARD on soles.


The "clean" pair is going in for it's first recraft. The soles are worn down and shot.

The dirty pair has been recrafted 3 times now. The leather is cracked pretty badly now, so Danner may not be able to restore them a forth time.

The break-in period simply sucks. No other way to say it, but the end result is worth the PITA.

Another con is they are not particularly clutch friendly.

Oh yeah, I literally apply Huberd's brand shoe grease every month or so.

Hey just a recommendation . . . try the blue "super feet" insoles. There actually for running and require no trimming. I change them out about every 4-6 months max. since I wear my work boots daily. No pain and no shin splints.

I too recommend Blue Superfeet insoles (can see mine in the picture :)), and high quality wool socks. Wicking socks ofc provide some natural blister protection, and good quality wool is even comfortable in hot weather. A gratuitous plug for Smartwool and REI's house brand.

I don't use that weird plastic Danner orthotic.

I see the thread’s been slow the last couple of months, but I’ve worn Danner’s for 25+ years and rely on them daily for comfort and durability. I wear 11EEEE Acadias that don’t show up online. Give them a call, or have your boot store call them, and they might have wider sizes than normally advertised.

Also, I highly recommend Danner’s boot recrafting service. Not the cheapest way to get resoled, but they’ll fix other issues while they're at it and you’ll get a near-new pair of boots back - already broken in!

Absolutely agree. Good people there.

There is a lot to be said for a basically new boot, that is already perfectly suited to your feet.
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5 year update? C'mon man. Don't leave us hanging. :)

haha okay! They are still going more than strong. I am not even close to needing a re-sole, despite using them quite a lot.

I would think another 5 years at this pace. That being said I am very careful to not wear them on pavement or concrete as that would increase the wear.

I dont have any pictures at the moments but they are definiately getting a really nice worn patina, and are in need of oiling currently.


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I purchased black Mountain Light IIs about three months ago from Amazon Prime for $284. They are now listed there for about $260, a great deal considering Danner still lists them for $380. Posts on this thread helped me decide, so I thought I would add a few comments.

We usually walk about 15-20 miles per week on easy trails near our house, so started wearing them on these walks to break the boots in. It took about three weeks; just enough flex to be comfortable and enough stiffness for walking rocky and root-laden trails. After trying several types of insoles, I had around (Superfeet, Powerstep, Danner), the plastic orthotic insteps provided with the shoes work best for my wide feet. Cushioning is fine, and the others took up too much volume inside the boot. There are slits in the tongue for laces to go through to keep it from going off center so opened them up.

After reading conflicting reports on boot care, I contacted Danner, and the person replying for Danner Support recommended using waterproof or silicon-based products for Gore-Tex, specifically recommending against products with animal by-products, stating that they clog the pores in the leather and Gore-Tex lining. So, my Obenauf's LP stays in the boot care box.


Finally got a pair.
I did purchase some “Sole” insoles but they will require a little trimming. Now I need to find a local trail for breaking them in. I should have broken them in prior to Acadia NP hike this past long weekend.8522A575-7FB7-40A3-ADD0-CC7798A20E30.jpeg
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Looking back at this thread I've had mine for 5 years now. Just did a week on the AT with a heavy pack. Mine are still going strong.


At 1 year old.

2 years.

When I saw them on sale a month or so ago I nearly bought a black pair. I love them.

I have a pair of low top Jag shoes that are about 13-14 months old now and they are trashed. I am looking to replace them, but I'm not sure what to get. The last they use on the shoes doesn't quite fit my foot correctly.
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I had my first pair of Danner leather Explorers for about 8 years with one recraft and a few resoles. I'm about four years into my second pair and the leather is trashed, partly due to improper maintenance, but also because the Explorer has a two piece upper, and the lower piece just below the lowest eyelets is susceptible to cracking due to the rigidity of the seam and the upper piece digging into it when the boots flex. This is how both pairs of Explorers failed beyond further recrafting. This time I will be going with the Mountain Light II as these do not have this vulnerability. I live about twenty minutes from the factory store where the recrafting is done, and every time I've gone in for a recraft or resole it's the same guy that takes the boots in, scolds me for not taking better care of them, fiddles around with them before telling me what I'm in for. They know what they are doing for sure.


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For those of you using orthotics, keep in mind Danner designed these boots to be worn without any (especially full length ones!). I agree the little plastic Airthotic is not very good. But I ran Superfeet for a few years and the significant decrease in boot volume caused me to develop a pretty bad case of Metatarsalgia.

I since dumped the large Superfeet for the Danner foam airthotic and the boot is now much better. I have three pairs of Danners on the 650 last, all with the foam airthotics and my feet are much happier.
Having said all that, I think these are the best boots made.

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