E350 seats and seatbelts

If all goes well, I will be driving a new to me 2001 E350 from north central Colorado to central/eastern Ohio this weekend. Most of the rear seats and seatbelts have been removed and are not available. I am wondering if anyone is looking to get rid of some that may live along or near my route. These would likely be temporary as I will likely do some seat upgrades at some point(Sienna seat or something similar). But this will afford me some more time to plan what I really want and allow my kids to go for a ride sooner, rather than later!

Please let me know if you have something for me! Thank you in advance!


I've got a takeout set of seats and belts in SW Montana, from a 2013 e350, if you're interested in a detour? PM if yes!
Sorry, I didn't see this, but that would have been a bit too much of a detour based on the time I had. Thank you, though.

Hopefully, my van will be in Montana this summer to visit my brother!


Yep, I'm just seeing this now too. I don't have any but between CO and Ohio you probably passed lots of them, especially in Northern Indiana in the RV/truck/van conversion Mecca. These are a lot easier to find from Transits these days since E-series haven't been made in many years but they still pop up fairly often on Facebook and CL.


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I've got a rad set of seats that come FREE in my 91 Quigley Clubwagon! 😃
Let's see that van man!

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