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Just an fyi on the dewalt saw from the project farm video. They have a version 2.0 now that addresses the issues with the 1.0 one now IIRC, that vid is 2 years old.

The big one being they now have metal falling spikes on the saws. Which is nice as I, and I assume many others, are trapped in the yellow eco system due to batteries and tools already owned lol



I sold my Stihls and bought the EGO 56V 18" chain saw - tested it out on a fallen 16" pine tree in the corner of my back yard.
Walked through it "like buttah" - for my needs this thing is going to work just fine - especially since I have three batteries that will work on it.
I got a padded case off amazon for carrying it in the Land Rover on trail rides - no more stinky stale gas smell!


I have 2 Greenworks chainsaws. A 16 inch 40v and 18 inch 80v. Both exceeded my expectations and cut like butta! The 40v is 7 years old and leaks chain lube some, but not bad. The 18 inch leaks nothing and tackles everything. I have 5 acres wit 4 acres of trees and use both all the time. Would never go back to petrol. Take the 18 inch on trails but never needed. Makes so much more sense than ax, saw, or beaver teeth!


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im a Milwaukee guy. The 18v chainsaw works amazingly well, so good that my gas sthils hardly ever get used. I thought I’d post today as I went Jeep camping last weekend so instead of grabbing the Milwaukee 18 I threw in there small 12v handheld unit. I was absolutely blown away. It’s now found a permanent home in my camper, it’s amazing how much you can cut through. Obviously not as fast but it ran long enough on a 6.0 battery to chop plenty of wood for a 3 day trip.


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I'd like to give a strong vote for the Milwaukee M18 Fuel HATCHET to anyone in the market.

I've had the 20v Dewalt XR for a few years as a garden tool. I was happy with it except for the continual oil leakage. This August while cutting a little camp wood it abruptly died on me, probably something to do with a safety switch according to the internet, but I've no way to fix it so its junk. This is the second Dewalt 20v tool to suddenly go DOA on me, and now I'm done. No more yellow garbage.

I selected the HATCHET as a replacement given that I also have the M18 ecosystem. At first I was a little put off by the form factor, it is not shaped like a traditional saw like the Dewalt is. It's a little beast though, cuts awesome, can be one handed, very compact, and it hasn't leaked a drop of oil.


...hasn't leaked a drop of oil.
Took down a dead tree in the yard and broke it down with just this saw on a single charge. I'd agree with everything except the leaks. Excellent saw, great performance on a battery, but mine likes to leak a little. Haven't tried to troubleshoot it yet, since it in't a big deal. Love the Hatchet and have had good experiences with most of the M18 line.

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