Electrical diagram 2000 fg 637 needed


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I hope somebody can help. I have a 2000 fg637 dual cab with 4d33 engine. It is 24v Australian vehicle. What I need is electrical diagrams for this vehicle, specifically the charging circuit. The problem I have is there is only the battery lead connected to the alternator, the other wire (there is only one) has broken off the cable terminal on the other post. I have not had battery light on the dash at start up for some time now, however it is still charging ok. I have three wires that may be the one to go back on, one is white (I think this has been added at some time for some unknown purpose to me) the other two are green with a yellow stripe and a blue with brown rings as shown in the photos.
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Thanks for that SkiFreak. It looks to me like the 12v alternator in the diagram as it has a plug with two wires on it. My 24v alternator does not have this plug, it has one terminal next to the battery terminal. From the diagram you sent my guess would be the blue wire might be the one. I might pull the dash out and have a look at which wire goes to the battery light.


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Yes, I did note that this was a 12v setup when I looked at the battery wiring, but did not realize they would be that different.
None of my manuals show a 24v setup for that year model, sorry.


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No need to apologize SkiFreak, the wire colours and schematics were a great help, also google to understand the one wire alternator. Like I said it was charging and I had not noticed when the battery light stopped working as it is off most of the time. I removed the white wire as it went nowhere for now and as for the green one I just taped that back down. Now onto the next problem to sort out the exhaust brake, that stopped working about 6 months ago.
Aussi Iron I have probably got the same manual as you and most others here but I could not find the circuit diagram. Maybe I had a bloke look. Thanks for your input

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