EPA mandated gas can horror stories:


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I just use a motocross fuel can and tube. Super easy and no mess.
My buddy has three sceptor cans in the bed of his truck and they are all secured and never leave the truck. He used the stock caps and put an extra hole in for plastic tubing. The fill tube reaches the trucks fuel tank and the 2nd tube goes into the can. He blows on the 2nd tube and the fueling commences. Similar to a siphon yet with no threat of fuel being ingested. Works like a charm.


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then again...... there is now a market for convert -a- caps that replace the BS environmental caps on these camps. That was the Democrats way of creating jobs (for the Chinese)

Thanks for clarifing this one. Havent been able to figure out all that sciency type stuff.

This is sooo much easier to understand now.


You don't need a Super Siphon. Just a 4 to 6 foot length of fuel hose.

Get the gas can higher, loop the hose lower than the gas level and one good suck is all you need to start a siphon. You do not get any fuel in your mouth and if you do you're doing it wrong.


I have also seen a trucker start a siphon with a large diameter hose (like a garden hose) and his thumb. What!?

He put the hose into the saddle tank on his tractor almost all the way. Closed the end with his thumb. Withdrew the hose quickly but keeping the distal end submerged in fuel. The quickly released his thumb and ran the hose back into the tank. He repeated vigorously three or four times and he had a siphon.

He was basically using the column of diesel fuel in the hose like a piston. The column of fuel in the hose advanced each time until there was enough to start the siphon. Clever dude.
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Just another example of people who think they are smart but are actually the opposite. The whole "we have to save these stupid people from themselves" just flat out does not work. I have never spilled fuel until these new "spill proof" came out. Plus, you can't tip them up far enough to empty all the fuel (at least in my truck). I end up with about 1/2 gal still left in the jug. Also, with a 5 gal jug full, you simply CAN NOT slowly put fuel into a push mower or snowblower. It comes out full force & goes everywhere. I am surprised that no one has started their machine on fire due to the overflow on a hot engine. But I am sure they would take no responsibility for that if it happened.

I did purchase 2 of the new spouts. They just don't fit right & leak like a sieve. I have tried every combination of the different screw thread caps, none fit my cans right. New spout won't fit into the old threaded cap either. $13 each, what a waste. Have we really had an issue with people tipping over 5 gal jugs of gasoline & just letting them go ? I think not. They just took a cheap to make item, made a change for the worse & increase the price 4x & said "see what i did here ?" Sad.
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These new cans are ridiculous! I get more gas on my work boots then into the goddamn tank.

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Here's another option:



With the Scepter water can:


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The CARB-compliant gas containers are pathetic. I agree that they cause more spills than a carefully used conventional can.
You can get old fashioned NATO steel 'Jerry' cans, nice quality from Deutsche Optik, and I'm sure a few other places. The spouts that they and others sell work well also. The cans are labelled "Not for fuel". The jerrycans don't leak in any position, and seep only a microscopic amount of vapor....way less than the previously available scepter MFCs.
That solves that problem.


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Most CARB compliant gas cans are dangerous. They are overly complicated, don't vent, and "chug" gas in an uncontrollable fashion, resulting in gas spills. The decision to mandate them quite possibley breaches the highest echelon of stupidity in government.

The EPA should reverse it's 2009 decision and go back to what works!

My solution to this mess, is to buy the CARB can, and as I am walking out of the store, I throw away the spout in the trash can. I order "caps" that fit the cans online. I use super siphon to transfer fuel. Using this method, I spill nothing, and can siphon everything down to just the last ounce or two at most.


I only use NATO jerry cans for fuel. Recently I picked-up a Wavian CARB spout 'cause I actually thought it might be nice to meter the flow (on/off) with the can inverted for filling power equipment. Today was the first use and it does work!


I have been using Scribner plastic jugs since the 90s, I have never had a spill. I have two for gas, two for diesel, one for premix.


The new epa Wavian usa cans are good. Zero issues with leaks, vapor etc. The spouts were OK, one was good and one was good for one fillup and then started leaking.

I just made a long super siphon and filled up from the roof.


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So, is there an issue that complicates using a Scepter 05552 US Military Fuel Can, 5Gal/20L that's typically used for diesel for your Daily Driver/Off-road Vehicle?

By this I mean either complication due to regulations/law and/or leaking & possible hardship transferring the fuel from Can to Vehicle.

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