Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions


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The design is going really well. I'm having a blast sorting through all of the little challenges that pop up. You'd be surprised how much time it takes to find power steering hoses that have the right length, size, shape and fittings. I can always revert back to a custom solution but I want to keep the custom parts to a bare minimum for a number of reasons. :)

Don't you dare. The wife has been wanting a Transit for a while and I told her not unless it comes 4x4 with nice meaty tires, so I figured I was safe. She has a habit of bashing into stuff and I'm not crazy about dropping the coin so she can demo-derby the thing around town. You're jeopardizing my safe bet!


There's so much going on right now but we finally got a chance to make some prototype parts and install them. Not 4x4 yet but the plan is to test out the new ride height/suspension geometry/tire size/gear change during a long road trip over the xmas break. I found a low miles, 3.73 limited slip axle on ebay for a deal so we installed that rather than opening up the stock axle and committing to a gear change right now (I'm not convinced yet that I want 3.73s anyway...I might go 4.10s with a locker for our rig. This route is a less-work, less-expense test with the bonus of having an extra axle around to play with in the end).

The van sits perfect (for my tastes). Ride is much better with Fox 2.0s out back. Handling feels just like the stock van (with a slightly heavier feel of the larger tires).

Wheels: Method Standard, matte black, 17x7.5, 5x160mm, 50mm offset
Tires: Cooper Discoverer ST/Maxx 265/70-17



Getting to 265 helps.. smallest bfg k02 e rated is a 265... And E rated all terrain is must for the high speed gravel roads I travel each day to my home...I destroy and puncture everything below e rated (10 ply) and the bfg, takes the *** kicking i give it, in stride

I just put E rated 245/75-16 KO2's on my Transit. Did you mean in 17" maybe?


Come on! I am still finishing my E350 with your kit and you have to show this!!!

It adds the right stuff, very nice.


I realize this thread is more about our 4x4 system but I don't remember if I have a build thread for this rig or not. Been working feverishly to get an interior put together for a trip we're taking this month. The design was all CAD'd up, lots of laser and forming and finally starting to put things together. Here are some teaser shots of our bench/bed combo (and the floor system I've been working on for a while too). Upholstery is in process...


The folding motion of the bed is smooth and awesome; locks into place in both bench and bed positions for saftey. Really happy with how it's turning out. Total size (with additional bed panels in the back) is 52x80. I'm going to use this seat design in a couple upcoming E-series build outs as well.


Looks awesome. Following with great interest for my E-series. Will the seats have 3pt restraints and head restraints?


Looks awesome. Following with great interest for my E-series. Will the seats have 3pt restraints and head restraints?

I didn't have time to add in those features on this prototype but I hope to have those incorporated into the final design.

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