Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions


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I also spy some integrated rear cubby holes... Awesome work as usual my friend.

How do you know those are cubby holes Brad? Could possibly be a feeding trough for miniature ponies which could be lashed to the L-track. :p
That's the beauty and flexibility of the L-track system in a van, the possibilities are quite endless!(camping gear, motos, snowmobiles, equipment...mini ponies!) :sombrero:

Excited to see what's next on this build!!
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Just got back from a 10 day trip through Oregon, California & Arizona with the Transit. A little over 3200 miles, mix of freeways, back roads and off road. Lovin' this van!!! Smooth and comfortable, easy to drive, lots of room to move around inside.

transit after trip1.jpg


The purpose of the trip (aside from family time and taking a small break from the non-stop work around here) was to test the driveability of the van with the lift, gearing change, larger tires. I honestly like the van a lot better now vs. stock. Feels very stable at speed and the ride is very good. Drives and handles more like a small SUV than a large van. Fully loaded with the interior and our stuff we were 7550lbs. Not heavy but you could feel the weight in the van. The Ecoboost did awesome, never felt like it was working hard and always had more go ready when I needed it. Fuel mileage was 15-ish... didn't pay much attention to it.

Off road experience was good. You can get a lot of places even with the weak factory LSD. I was really interested in getting it out in the dirt and the experience pretty much confirmed a lot of what I was already thinking of doing to make a better 4x4 conversion than what's out there. There are some weak points in the stock suspension and a few areas need to be beefed up a bit for any serious off road capability. I'm really excited to get back to the CAD workstation to work out the last few details of the 4x4 parts!
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Looked like the kids had a blast! Glad it worked out well for you guys. Excited to see it finished up!


Solid Axle? Nope, not happenin' here.

The van drives great with its current suspension. No sense in scrapping what already works well. It just needs some tweaks to fit in a few more components up front. ;)


Mg, will your conversion work on only a 150 or will work for the 250, 350 too.

Concentrating on the non-dually, gas rigs first. That includes 150-350. Will then get a diesel to play with.

There's not much difference between the 150s and 350s other than spring rates.


Following along,
Are you having any thoughts of selling the lift parts as a stage 1? With release of the drivetrain portion later?

I have been thinking of ways to accomplish that without having to compromise with the subframe design but it doesn't look like the path I'll go down. I could release a subframe/strut spacer kit and get into the 2WD "lift" game (I have one designed and tested) but it would be difficult to make those parts also work with the 4x4 conversion without making some design decisions that really aren't the best IMO. It's sort of an all or nothing situation. For 4x4, you need to change out the steering rack and do some stuff to the knuckles (among MANY other things). 2WD lift only is easy-peasy. 4x4 gets complicated in a hurry once you start the process and there isn't a clear stopping point just to leave it 2WD...at least not from my perspective. Make sense? Once you start down the path of converting to 4x4, I think you're better off going all the way.
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