F150 is new Ford Ranger ?


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That title needs some explaining. At present, the USA Ranger production is scheduled to stop at the end of 2011. But Ford has extended the Ranger's day of execution a couple of times in the past few years. Will the Ranger get a reprieve again? Or better, a redesign using Ford's world truck, which is built in Thailand?

Not likely, according to Ford's VP of product development, Derrick Kuzak, in an interview with Pickuptrucks.com.

Instead, it's probable that Ford will build a version of the F150 with a four cylinder version of its turbocharged, direct injected EcoBoost engine. The result is expected to provide the same or more power (200+ hp and 200+ ft lbs.) with better fuel economy than the V6 Ranger offers today (19 city, 24 highway). The F150 also provides more carrying capacity and more room in the cab than the Ranger offers.

Today, the Ranger costs about $3500 less than an F150 with 4.6L V8. Ford would have to set the price of the EcoBoost models in the same price range as the Ranger to fit into the lineup.


Which totally defeats the purpose of having a smaller truck.
Some people just don't want a full size truck.
I hear customers complain all the time the Toyota doesn't offer a small truck anymore.


surprising logic from Ford.

I had heard they were considering a F-100 to replace the Ranger.
Instead of a big Ranger, I think most will see a small engine F150 as a gutless fullsize that they can just pay a bit more and get a V8 in.

I can't imagine it getting good mpg's lugging around a big F150 chassis.

T6 would be nice to see here.


The FX4 Ranger I have for work is horrible on gas regardless if it's city or highway driving.

The ranger needs to be a tad bigger. With my seat all the way back and reclined a little my head touches the roof and I'm only 6'2".


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Well ranger did start its life as a package for F150s back in the 70's.

It would be quite foolish of them to drop a mini truck from their line all together. And since when does toyota not have Tacomas anymore?


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I think what MolonLabe means is that the Tacoma has grown so large
that it's not a small truck any more. The current Tacoma feels to me
to be about the same size as a 1980s Ford F150.


In my personal, albeit, very humble opinion, I think we are reaching a point where somebody needs to make a cheap economical "mini-truck" again, you remember where datsun/nissan and toyota started out, remember the chevy luv (no room for love in that truck). The new small trucks are truly the size that full size trucks used to be. A niche has been left open, the question is, who is going to fill it, and is it going to be profitable.


My 78 Ranger is a bohemoth compared to the '07 ranger I drive for work. The older dakota (mid size) was a good size of vehicle and I think the ranger needs a bit more room and a crewcab offering. The Explorer/Sport Trac is junk and way over priced...IRS...thumbs down!

Less than 100,000 miles on the 07 ranger and the tranny and cv's are starting to feel the pain. My 78 has 300,000 miles and still going strong.

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